Work on St Giles Church 


Emery Brothers Ltd, a construction company based in Bathford are repairing the roof and rainwater drainage from the chancel at the east end of St Giles church. They plan to start laying out the site from Tuesday 18 April and putting up the scaffolding on Saturday 22 April and Mon 24 April. The roof work will finish in mid-July when the scaffold will be cleared but the work on the drains at ground level will continue until mid-August.

The church will remain open throughout although access to the east end under the work area will be restricted in case something drops through the roof. Parts of the churchyard under the scaffold will be inaccessible but the remainder will be accessible round the west end of the church. 

There should be little impact on the village life as, other than putting up the scaffolding, Emery’s are expected to only work between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday and to behave appropriately for a church environment. However, if any issues do arise feel free to discuss these with Dave Mattick, Paula Freeland, Derek Robinson or any member of the Parochial Church Council.

Work on installing utilities to the chuch

Work is expected to start on installing the utilities to the church on Thursday 18 May with most of the work in the churchyard and the new cemetery (the recently cleared plot adjacent to the Village Hall car park). However the footpath down the side of the church (the Drang) will be affected where the services cross.


The sequence of events will be broadly:


Wed 17 May pm       

Machinery will be delivered to site


Thu 18 May            

Excavate and locate the sewer in the south west corner of the new cemetery and check levels


Fri 19 May

Continue excavation of the sewer


Mon 22 May

Excavate trench and manhole, lay services and backfill in churchyard. See note A


Tue 23 May

Excavate trench, lay services and backfill under wall, across Drang to sewer excavation. See note B


Wed 24 May

Wessex Water connect drains. Excavate trench along wall, lay services and backfill.


Thu 25 May

Back fill sewer excavation


Fri 26 May

 Complete backfill of sewer excavation and clear site.



Note A: There will be short periods on Mon 22 May when access to the north side of the church will be limited. Safe walkways will be provided whenever possible.


Note B: There will be a period on Tue 23 May when the Drang footpath will be diverted through the Hall car park. Suitable signs will be placed.


The Heritage group are welcome to be involved in a watching brief and should liaise with Chris Walters who is in charge at the site. The church archaeologist will conduct a watching brief for excavations in the churchyard. 


The ground work is to be undertaken by CJW Ground Working and Bricklaying Limited with Chris Walters in charge on site at all times. They will be working normal hours (0800 to 1700, later if there is a problem, and they will cause as little noise, dust and interference as possible. If you have any issues, problems or queries contact Derek Robinson or Dave Mattick as below or resolve directly with Chris Walters.


This is the current plan but could change if unexpected circumstances are met.


Any queries or clarifications, please contact Dave Mattick (01373 812 734 or 07550 013 734)