Work on St Giles Church 


Emery Brothers Ltd, a construction company based in Bathford are repairing the roof and rainwater drainage from the chancel at the east end of St Giles church. They plan to start laying out the site from Tuesday 18 April and putting up the scaffolding on Saturday 22 April and Mon 24 April. The roof work will finish in mid-July when the scaffold will be cleared but the work on the drains at ground level will continue until mid-August.

The church will remain open throughout although access to the east end under the work area will be restricted in case something drops through the roof. Parts of the churchyard under the scaffold will be inaccessible but the remainder will be accessible round the west end of the church. 

There should be little impact on the village life as, other than putting up the scaffolding, Emery’s are expected to only work between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday and to behave appropriately for a church environment. However, if any issues do arise feel free to discuss these with Dave Mattick, Paula Freeland, Derek Robinson or any member of the Parochial Church Council.