The Local History Group


We are pleased to announce the publication of  “The Book of Leigh Upon Mendip” in June 2010. The book is priced at £12.50 with p&p within the UK at £2.50 extra if applicable.  It is available from Sue Vaughan on 813115, Joyce Jefferson on 832845, any History Group member and various locations including The Bell Inn, Leigh, and the Knatchbull at Stoke.


For over 3 years what was known as the Leigh History Group, or simply the History Mob, researched our material for the 151 page book, which was finally printed in June 2010.  We were made very welcome throughout the village with people inviting us in to look at and talk about the history of their houses and lending us photos and deeds and we would like to thank you all for making our project so enjoyable and fruitful. A particular mention must go to those taking part in the monthly WI coffee mornings, who took such an interest in what we were doing. We were shown round the quarry, the Duo factory, the Church clock tower, school, and many other places of local interest.  We spent many hours walking across local fields, eyes down, trying to spot things which would give us some clues about Leigh’s industrial and domestic past, and some of these can be seen in the mosaic in the Memorial Hall.


All this research led to a book of which we are very proud.  Unfortunately there are some errors, usually the wrong name put to someone in a photo and we do apologise to those concerned.  But we hope it won’t spoil the book for you and it will give you as much pleasure reading it as it did us putting it together.


We have now completed a history of Holcombe, and are now researching Wanstrow so if anyone has any memories of that village they would like to share with us or is interested in joining our Wednesday research trips do ring Sue on 01373 813115 or Joyce on 01373 832845.