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Dear Villagers,
The purchase of the land adjoining the recreation field, which is behind the row of houses known as "The Hedge Rows", is now complete. The lease between the parish council and the recreation field management committee (RFMC ) will be finalised as soon possible.

The first stage of work on this land to create allotments has also taken place. The RFMC would very much like to hear your thoughts on the rest of the land and we invite and welcome your ideas. Please could we take these in the form of emails or letters. We will then collate these suggestions and convene a parishioners’ consultation meeting to discuss options. Click here to see the location of the New Land (next to the rec, in front of the new allotments, and behind the Hedgerow houses and the rec car park. It's roughly half an acre.).

We may be able to accommodate several ideas within the space and of course there may be things that we are unable to deliver as regard space or other obstructions. I urge you all to be creative in your thoughts and to participate. We don’t have many opportunities like this so we must make the most of them.

Please may we have your suggestions by the 20th December by email  or pop suggestions into the letter boxes at Fox Hollow , or  Church Cottage.

Kind Regards
Vicky Higgins,   Chair of the RFMC

This letter has also been delivered on paper to every house in the parish, as well as the village Facebook.


The community café in the church is open 9am to 4pm Monday-Friday with very reasonably priced refreshments.  When no-one is present, please feel free to go in and serve yourself.  

Please take the time to visit our new community facilities. We look  forward to seeing you.  

The café  will be CLOSED from 22nd December. Open again on Monday 6th January. 



The Parish Council is pursuing an opportunity for two additional Affordable Houses (for Social/Affordable Rent) in the village. Funding is available until April 2020, after that the funds will be made available to adjacent parishes. However we need to achieve three things:-
1.    to demonstrate there is a need.
2.    to identify sites (either new build or sale of existing)
3.    for a Housing Association to agree to manage them (“take them on”)

To demonstrate the need, anyone who has a local connection and has a housing need should register with the Homefinder Somerset Choice Based Lettings (CBL) scheme. Further details and a link to the scheme are

You are not committing to anything by registering but you will be allowing Mendip District Council to assess the potential need and hopefully agree to increasing the Affordable Housing stock in our village.

Criteria to register on the Homefinder Somerset Choice Based Lettings (CBL) scheme can be found in the
Homefinder Somerset Common Lettings Policy.

18Sep 2017
Parish Council


Volunteers have already made a difference.

How can you help?


The Parish Council is looking for volunteers to help look after our footpaths, primarily any minor pruning if necessary and reporting any significant access issues to the Parish Path Liaison Officer (Parish Councillor David Sparkes), who can then liaise with Somerset Rights of Way. To identify a footpath and stile which you may like to "adopt" click here. We've had a good response so far but there are still some left! See the current list here. Note that it is the responsibility of the landowner to maintain Rights of Way.

A handy website for reporting problems to both Somerset and Mendip Councils (fly tipping, street lights, pavement, pot holes etc). See what has already been reported.  The site automatically sends a report to the relevant authority. Don't just talk about it - report it at fixmystreet . You can still report directly to the Councils (details are on the "Village Services" page).

Just click on this link to Facebook.  Members and anyone wishing to join this group must agree to follow these rules.

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