(LOMCA, including the Active Living Centre, ALC)

For information please ring Graham 01761 232753 or e-mail: graham@grahamcroft.plus.com

Update – December 2021 & January 2022

The next meeting of the Active Living Centre is in the Memorial Hall at the later than usual time at 11.00am on Friday 17 December for our Christmas meal.  Booking is required by 4 December to enable us to complete the planning. The cost to be paid on the day is £10.00. 

The first meeting of 2022 will be on Monday 24 January at 10am, when we have Verity Bartlett, a Professional Toastmaster, to show us how this tradition is done. Please book for this meeting by 16 January.  However, as we head into 2022, we have decided for practical reasons not to hold any further Active Living Centre meetings until the LOMCA AGM, which next year will be part of the event held at 10am on Monday 25 April. 

We will be holding the last meeting of our Kurling and Cake session this year on Tuesday 14 December at 2pm.   Everyone is welcome but booking for all Kurling meetings (by phone message or by e-mail) is required a week before the meeting i.e., by Tuesday 7 December for the December meeting.  The Kurling meetings will continue into 2022 with meetings at 2pm planned for Tuesday 11 January, then 8 February, 8 March and 12 April. 

For bookings, please contact Graham, preferably by e-mail if you are able to. All our meetings are held with a range of safety and coronavirus precautions in place to help protect members.