Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 2nd April 2002

Present K Cockroft, R Haywood, R Beauchamp

Apologies A. Francis, S Vaughan, G Baker

Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.

Treasurer’s report

KC advised that the 100 Club has 81 members this year. The sum of £2000 is to be transferred to the investment account. The Lottery grant final form has been completed along with the Charity Commission annual report and these are to be mailed.

Booking clerk’s report

RH advised that the Frome Drama Club have cancelled their provisional booking. New bookings had been taken for the Parish Council AGM and Trish Marable had booked a private party.


KC had received documentation re the hall roof from RCC – guarantees re materials and colour coating.

RH had received information from Frome Community College re computer courses and also a free First Aid course. He is to let them have details of dates/days Hall available and they will get back to him.

Letter received from Bell Inn re parking. RH to add to hall booking form details of where the hall parking is. Felt that our functions are in fact not many. Does the Art class still use our parking area? Further discussion at next meeting.

Notification of request for planning permission for house adjacent to hall grounds where allotment area currently is. Been submitted several times and expected that again will be turned down. Not expected to be an issue.

Quote has been obtained from Paul Burlison re electrical ‘spareway’ in the storeroom used by the PO. This has been sent in to Jane Eldon of PO. Work to be paid for by PO.


  1. RH advised son in course of moving and beam will not be completed by 4th May. Not important at this stage as Frome Drama Club has cancelled their booking. If his son is not able to complete he will advise of someone else to do the job.
  2. Details for maintenance day 11th May to be discussed at next meeting.
  3. Outside painting to be discussed at next meeting.
  4. Floor at present being done – to be completed by weekend.
  5. Trees – nothing new at present.
  6. RH is to put up laminated notices re the loo lights.

Fund Raising.

Quiz night for the 6th April is going ahead. GB had advised that she would contact KC on Friday re amount of snacks required. AF had advised that she would be available to do the door and raffle on the Saturday evening. KC to contact Roger Orpwood re his availability. Setting up to be at 2.30pm on Saturday. GB is to go to the ‘Take Art’ meeting and will try to book Gordon Gilltrap or Sid Kipper.


RH has advised that no details have been given to Tom Turner at present re hall events as he is currently away.

Date of next meeting

Monday 29th April 8.00pm at the Hall


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