Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 14th January 2003


Present                  G. Baker, K. Cockroft,  R.Orpwood. C. Peat. S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       R. Beauchamp, S. Cambourne, M. Taylor


Minutes          of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer's Report  KC gave his report.  Still waiting to hear from Chubb comparative cost of buying fire extinguishers rather than renting as at present. Contact made by Bristol Water re installation of a water meter which is evidently compulsory once they have decided it should be fitted.  Letters currently going out re 100 club with view to re-starting draws in March.  Appeal made to committee members to try and sell a few more shares. 


Booking clerk's report  CP gave report.  Main change is the start of the Tae Kwondo classes from Dave Matthews on Sunday mornings from 10.30 to 11.30.  Likely that playgroup bookings will cease at end of summer term.  They have got the grant through for the conversion work for new premises at the school.  Once this is completed they will stop using hall which will mean a substantial drop in our income and no immediate prospect of slots being filled from elsewhere.


Correspondence  SV had received copy of Thatch and current Take Art programme.  Anyone interested in attending any performance up to June this year at venues throughout Somerset please contact Sue Vaughan to see the programme. Bristol Water letter see treasurer’s report.


Maintenance  1) Leak found in loft over stage when putting Christmas decs away before meeting.  Flooring wet but no puddles and nothing appeared to still be coming out of tank so committee decided safe to leave water on at the moment and SV to contact plumber in morning. 2) Strip light faulty, flickering, RO replaced after meeting, spares needed, fittings very poor condition. SV to contact Roy re his usual supplier also for paper towels.  3) GB raised issue of cars permanently left in Hall car park, at least one of which appears to have been abandoned, SV to investigate owners and take appropriate action.4) SV gave reminder about damaged wire fence at back of hall and confirmed will try and arrange repair. 5) Floor, still need to investigate if actually so thin needs replacing, SV to contact Matthew Garner or local builder to check, also to contact Gloria Caywood about possible funding from Somerset Aggregation fund as advised by Michelle Taylor, Parish Council rep.


Fund Raising  Committee decided not to hold Race Night in June as not specifically fund raising. Will have quiz 2nd Sat in April and Take Art event 2nd Sat in Oct. SV to ask Paul and Sue Moore if will do quiz and to make sure we receive the Take Art details in a couple of months to choose an act. General opinion was that we made a good contribution to fete with the refreshments which gave good return this year and was enjoyed by those who took part. Note SV will need to apply for occasional permissions.


AOB    SV reported June Brewster willing to do key holder part of booking clerk’s job as long as still ok once details explained to her! SV to meet June Mon 20th  and to get keys required copied. KC reported that health and safety officer not happy with items being stored in disabled loo.  SV to clear. SV confirmed has agreed with Millennium committee for stone seat to be placed outside hall to left side when facing hall.  Committee agreed to leave exact placing to SV who will supervise once the planned move takes place. 


Date of next meeting  Monday 3rd February 8pm



Signed  ..........................................  Chair/Sec            Signed   ......................................  Treasurer


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