Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd February 2003


Present †††††††††††††††† G. Baker, R. Beauchamp, June Brewster, K. Cockroft,R.Orpwood. S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent ††††† S. Cambourne, C. Peat, M. Taylor


Minutes †††††††† of previous meeting were agreed and signed.

Treasurer's ReportAll current regular sources of income now included in accounts. KC had decided to wait a bit longer after last meeting before handing out 100 club reminders as these tend to get lost if given out too early, now in process of distributing. Expense claim from SV was for bulk buy of paper towels and toilet rolls.Water board has now converted hall to meter use and does not think bills will be very different, first bill will be 3 months from date of letter arranging it.


Booking clerk's reportCP sent report as unable to attend. New items were an extra drumming session and a childrenís party plus a change of date for the regular scuba diving course.SV asked KC if he could work out the income loss when the playgroup moves to the school, probably in September.This will affect how heavily we need to try and attract new bookings to replace them.

CorrespondenceNone received.

Maintenance 1) SV had arranged for Richard Dunn to sort the leak out and agreed he should remove tank completely as only feeding toilet cisterns, these now run off mains as all other water coming into hall. He also repaired the damaged loft flooring.Many thanks to Richard for bailing us out at such short notice. Bill not yet received.SV asked KC, RO and RB to keep an eye on the ceiling in the gentís loo.Has some water damage but if no plaster coming loose can leave this until next painting session. 2) Strip lights, SV had obtained spares from Jones but turned out to be wrong size, has now ordered correct size to collect next week. 3) Cars, two were only being left on temporary basis and have now been moved.SV had a notice to put on the other one asking the owner to ring her.The police not interested in this vehicle and suggested next action is to contact DVLA for owner details. To try notice first out of politeness and as £2.50 charge by DVLA! 4) Wire fence still o/s. 5) SV had spoken to Matthew Garner who is going to check regulations and floor. Also spoke to Gloria Caywood and then to Somerset County Council re Somerset Aggregation Fund money but for this year needs work done by end of March according to info given.Does not tie up with school situation where work being done in summer but unlikely even plans ready for floor in time should it need doing.This fund may be available again for next year, will contact again if we decide to go ahead.


Fund RaisingPaul Moore has agreed to do Quiz on 2nd April. SV will put details in mag and probably a flyer drop to whole village in March, time permitting. JB offered to do her end of village.RO to do posters.SV to do letters to other groups.SV asked committee about replacing the white board, which has been very untidy for a long time. Only ones found in catalogues very expensive (hundreds of pounds!) Paul and Sue Moore had suggested a black board with permanent lines marked and scores just chalked in.RO offered to make this and SV will paint in the lines and ask CP if school has a trestle we could borrow to support it. SV to apply for occasional permissions


AOB††† SV had introduced June Brewster to those who did not know her earlier in the meeting. Where are the fittings for the stage screens, SV to contact Roy Haywood who may know.Evidently was a power problem at set up of disco last Sat but was resolved, SV will check OK with Paul Burlison. RO gave his apologies for not being able to attend quiz in April.


Date of next meeting Monday 3rd March 8pm



Signed ..........................................Chair/Sec††††††††††† Signed†† ......................................Treasurer


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