Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd March 2003


Present                  G. Baker, S. Cambourne, R.Orpwood, C. Peat, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       June Brewster, K. Cockroft, M. Taylor


Minutes          of previous meeting were agreed and signed after amending initials KP to CP under fundraising.


Treasurer's Report  KC had sent his report with SV as unable to attend meeting.  Nothing in particular to point out all self explanatory.  Had confirmed with SV that would get beer and soft drinks for quiz on Sat. Two hundred club draws were made. 


Booking clerk's report  CP reported a quieter period than recently.  Has amended the covering letter to go out with booking forms to emphasise forms must be returned to secure booking plus generally tidied letter up. Has been a problem with door between hall and foyer being locked.  Not all hirers/users have a key for this.  Was not intended to be left locked, just for playgroup security SV to investigate.


Correspondence  SV had received 1) licences for both the planned events in April and October.  2) Receipt for payment for these and 3) request for annual subscription from Community Council for Somerset.  GB had booking form for Take Art production from meeting attended.


Maintenance  1) Matthew Garner still to check regulations and floor, SV to chase. 2) SV has told Paul Burlison about lights tripping, he will check insulation of outside corner lights.  Also asked him to give quote for rear corner sensor light to help when getting chairs in and out of shed on dark evenings. 3) Fittings for stage screens, SV still to ask Roy if knows where they are. 4) towel dispenser for ladies loo bought and fitted. 5) No Smoking signs ordered, SV to collect and put up. 6) maintenance day still to be arranged, preservative on shed plus general clean up.  To discuss at next meeting. Look at condition of notice board in conjunction with this. 7) GB offered to continue to look after tubs and arranged to buy some bulbs. 8) CP has re-done various notices around hall that had got untidy.


Fund Raising  Quiz; RO has done new board, will put in hall on Sat.  Has also done posters and put up in village.  SV to buy some chalk.  All arrangements as last meeting. KC and SC to set up tables in the afternoon. Flyers all gone out plus mention in parish mag, 10 teams booked so far so should be good turn out.  Shield was in the pub, SV to bring on Sat. Other GB had enjoyed attending Take Art meeting and had several ideas for choice of event in Oct.  Committee decided preferences and SV to complete form and return to Take Art before 23 May. 



Parish Council had requested booking hall for Tues 6th for their AGM, only date they can make. SV had agreed to this so we had to change date of hall meeting which had been planned for that night.  SV told committee would have to be at her house as babysitting all other evenings that week.  Decided on Thurs 8th May.


Date of next meeting Thursday 8th May 8pm at Townsend House, some parking available



Signed  ..........................................  Chair/Sec            Signed   ......................................  Treasurer


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