Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th April 2004


Present           G. Baker, K. Cockroft, R.Orpwood, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       June Brewster, S. Cambourne, P Moore, C. Peat,


Minutes          of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer's Report  No particular changes, KC pointed out £76 charge for fitting of sign over front door.  Two 100 Club draws made.


Booking clerk's report  CP was unable to attend but sent report via SV, please see copy attached, main points to note, several children’s parties, regular “attic sale” booking, regular WI coffee morning at discounted rate.  CP had also sent summary of risk assessment carried out by a John Wright of Frome Community Education on 15th March.  SV had replied to this with fire officer’s report as requested and asked for detailed statement of any points he would consider dangerous plus level of risk involved and any action needed if these points would influence the College’s decision to use the hall in the future.  This letter sent 3 weeks ago but no reply yet.


Correspondence 1) Take Art programme  2) Request for subs for Community Council of Somerset 3) Occasional Permissions for April and November events. 4) Survey on village halls. 5) Copy of Thatch


Maintenance  1) SV to speak to Brian Loten re lack of cork panels. 2)Wire fence and concrete post removal, GB raised issue of checking deeds if we have any to check any restrictions on actions and boundaries (with Parish Council? SV to check) Could either put up new fence or scrap altogether, Brian Loten would do if required for about £30.  3) Tree shoots in road, GB offered to cut back any necessary for now and look at further action maybe next year. 4) Parked car was still there at time of meeting.  5) Car Park. Still unresolved.  At last meeting GB felt should not just accept past thinking on drainage and tarmac etc but talk to professionals to check if way round it first, SV agreed to speak to Ken Walton again, no response last time. 6) Table cloths committee gave SV go-ahead to buy from Shaws, GB to buy patterned wipe clean ones to put on top or on their own for more casual events.


Fund Raising  1) Quiz, info riding over:- RO to do bar, SV to ask Daggs to assist.  Need total 40 pints beer plus lagers, 6 each Coke, lemonade and orange juice, 6 each red and white wine. KC brought 2 red and 1 white plus some lagers and 2 Cokes, SV to buy balance, KC also gave 1 bottle for raffle. 4 white wine and 2 red been donated by Drew, RO to collect, SV suggested 2 of each for quiz prize and 2 into raffle.  SV to get booby prizes of Easter Eggs.  Has spoken to Worleys and agreed Hall to provide all prizes plus scrap paper and pens for those without any, SV to arrange.  SV to do raffle and entry money. If anyone free who could help?  Any prizes gratefully accepted but can anyone donating something let SV know before Thurs 22nd (Sainsbury’s run!) so she can make up any shortfall of prizes. GB to buy crisps and nuts and bring down early to put out on tables. SV sent letter to village groups and put in mag. Gave out fliers to GB and RO and herself to distribute. KC to provide float, RO to make posters and put up about 2 weeks before quiz.  SV to put out tables in afternoon.

AOB    1) SV informed committee of PM’s illness and RO proposed we send get well card, SV to do. 2) GB asked for key for outside bins so she can empty, SV to give hers. 3) Decided on sort out under stage on 15th June, SV to ask Brian & Margaret if can help. 4) GB said Fete committee considering asking groups to give some of 2004 profit to clock project, Hall agreed would be willing to do this but were concerned that some groups could not afford to do so.



Next meeting Tuesday 4th May at 8pm. 


Signed  ..........................................  Chair/Sec            Signed   ......................................  Treasurer


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