Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on  5th Oct 2004


Present             G. Baker, R.Orpwood,  S. Vaughan, John Phillips


Apologies/Absent       June Brewster, S. Cambourne, K. Cockroft,  P Moore, C. Peat


Minutes             of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer's Report  KC on holiday but left note to say books closed at 30th Sept, would be completing books on return and submitting to Graeme King.  Hundred club draw not made as SV had forgotten to bring numbers etc.


Booking clerk's report  This was left by CP for committee to read.  Pleased to note regular drumming workshop and return of school sports club plus some one off bookings.


Correspondence 1) Letter from Mendip re change of Licensing Policy, this means will have to apply to Mendip council for occasional permissions in future not the court.  2) Form for renewal of entertainment licence.


Maintenance  1) SV still waiting for Paul B to carry out work on kitchen strip lights. 2)Wire fence and concrete post removal, JP suggested contacting Alan Bristow for help with this as Brian Loten unable to tension fence if repairing/replacing second post, could also see if easier for him to remove broken first one instead of Brian if this OK with both. 3) Vehicle parked long term behind Hall, Committee agreed we need to talk to owners of this and explain lack of room.  SV to put notice on asking them to contact her.  4) Some of spotlights over stage not able to turn off, SV to tell Paul B.


Fund Raising  Big Band Concert: several plans made.  1) Entry by ticket, cost £4.50, no concessions offered, to include ploughman’s, may offer choice of pate or cheese, GB to organise food, SV and CP plus possibly Anne Orpwood to assist 2) KC and RO to do bar SV ask Daggs to assist if required, KC to purchase drinks, SV has some beer and cokes left, suggested consider cider (see Peter Knowles about cider at Harvest Supper?). 3) RO to do flyer to go in mag, needs to be to Patricia by 16th Oct.  4) JP to organise posters with Big Band contact, to let SV see copy before printing off, SV to distribute round village and surrounding area and try to get free mention in Fosseway or other local paper. 5) Decided not to decorate hall, seating at tables, put these out 2pm on the day, suggested leave some room for dancing and for some of band to stand on floor in front of stage.  6) SV to check numbers allowed for fire regs and produce tickets accordingly, (although space restrictions see item 6 may cause big reduction in numbers).  SV and JP to be contacts for these. 7) Bar from 7pm as band due to start at 7.45pm prompt. 8) Raffle as usual, all prizes gratefully received, please to SV by say Sat 2pm hall set up session to give time to buy anything else needed.  SV to man door (with Daggs?)

AOB            Decided to bring time of short committee meeting before AGM forward to 7pm to give time to discuss last minute Band Concert arrangements and avoid possible need of extra meeting before the 20th Nov.  Noted CP unavailable as well as RO, unfortunately alternative date not practical partly as KC needs to get accounts checked by King Watkins before AGM and also lack of date when all available anyway.


Next meeting Tuesday 9th November 7pm, followed by AGM at 8pm.  Note all welcome to join us for a drink in Bell after the AGM



Signed  ..........................................  Chair/Sec            Signed   ......................................  Treasurer


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