Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on  9th Nov 2004


Present             G. Baker, K. Cockroft, John Phillips, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       June Brewster, S. Cambourne,  P Moore, R.Orpwood, C. Peat


Minutes             of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer's Report  KC presented Annual Accounts to the committee which were duly adopted and signed by both KC and SV. KC expressed concern that profit for the year was down 50% to around £1000, mainly due to the loss of the playgroup.  However this meant the Hall was still more than covering its costs although if we decided on any major projects it would mean a big increase in effort to make fundraising events more lucrative.  Two Hundred Club draws were made, as always results to be put in parish mag.


Booking clerk's report  None submitted on this occasion, SV to give brief summary of bookings during the year in the Annual Report.


Correspondence The Public Entertainments Licence had been received although certificates for the small appliance testing and that for the main electric system had not been received, SV to forward to Mendip once available.


Maintenance  Due to need to discuss Big Band Concert maintenance was not covered, following items are as October minutes. 1) SV still waiting for Paul B to carry out work on kitchen strip lights. 2)Wire fence and concrete post removal, JP suggested contacting Alan Bristow for help with this as Brian Loten unable to tension fence if repairing/replacing second post, could also see if easier for him to remove broken first one instead of Brian if this OK with both. 3) Vehicle parked long term behind Hall, Committee agreed we need to talk to owners of this and explain lack of room.  SV to put notice on asking them to contact her.  4) Some of spotlights over stage not able to turn off, SV to tell Paul B.


Fund Raising  Plans made last month confirmed and added to 1) Entry by ticket, cost £4.50, no concessions offered, to include ploughman’s, may offer choice of pate or cheese, GB to organise food, SV, CP and Anne Orpwood to assist 2) KC and RO to do bar, SV and Daggs to do door and raffle.  KC to purchase drinks, SV has some cans of beer and cokes left, did not pursue cider suggestion. 3) Flyer has gone out and posters are up, SV e mailed Somerset Standard and Fosseway plus posters in Stoke and Coleford.  Ticket sales OK but need to make another push next weekend.  4) SV to provide wine bottles and candles for tables. 5) Still planning seating at tables and small dance area but may have to adjust this according to numbers, band will come some way onto Hall floor as well as stage.  6) SV confirmed numbers seated at tables with dancing 77, same but no dancing 88.  SET UP NOW TO BE FROM 3PM DUE TO CRAFT FAIR. 7) Bar from 7pm as band due to start at 7.45pm prompt. 8) Raffle as usual, all prizes gratefully received, please to SV by say Sat 2pm hall set up session to give time to buy anything else needed. 

AOB   John Phillips asked if OK for Shepton Big Band to present bouquet to member who is leaving.  Reminded SV to also inform Frome Times.


Next meeting, PLEASE NOTE UNUSUAL DATE Tuesday 30th November 8pm, followed by putting up Christmas decorations.  This to be in lieu of December meeting as need decorations up before Church fair on Fri 3rd Dec


Signed ..........................................  Chair/Sec            Signed   ......................................  Treasurer


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