Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 30th Nov 2004


Present ††††††††††† G. Baker, K. Cockroft, R.Orpwood, C. Peat, John Phillips, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent ††††† June Brewster, S. Cambourne,P Moore,


Minutes ††††††††††† of previous meeting were agreed and signed.Note this was the meeting for December held early to put up the Christmas decorations in time for the Church fair.

Treasurer's ReportKC reported good profit from the Big Band Concert, total of £326.54.A rates assessment had been received but only to show rateable value in case of any future sale of property, no bill to pay - nil rated.No invoice received for the year from grass cutter Dave Jarvis, CP to get number for KC to chase (note has since been paid).100 Club special draw made plus usual monthly one.

Booking clerk's reportCP reported usual Christmas bookings for Church fair and school play. David Chandler booking art class privately not through local authority.Yoga still booked through latter.


Correspondence Letter from Mendip re providing equipment and some training for badminton and/or table tennis in Hall.Badminton not possible due to low beams of ceiling.SV to try to ascertain interest in table tennis in village as per requirement from Mendip before proceeding.To put in Village Mag, put posters up, ask if can put list in pub for anyone interested to sign.Need to know measurements of table folded to see if feasible to store.Possibly ask for up to 3 tables if enough interest.

Maintenance 1) SV to speak again to Paul B about outstanding work, kitchen strip lights, faulty light over stage, broken light socket and check of electrics I connection with public entertainments licence which in fact has been issued although this report not forwarded. 2) Broken concrete post has been removed!Presume Brian has done it as was originally asked, need to thank him and remind him to bill us. 3) Previous problem with vehicle parked behind Hall sorted out but committee noted still an ongoing problem with other vehicles.SV had put a request for people not to use Hall Car Park as a permanent place for their car and to speak to a committee member if requesting short term use.†† KC expressed concern that this was a private car park and that if anyone parking on it had their vehicle damaged they could claim against the committee.SV did not think this would be the case but agreed to speak to Eileen Zoers of the Community Council for Somerset to check if any liability.4) GB suggested we start using Roger Brooks to clean windows, will do this for £16 a time if has contract for 4 times a year, committee agreed she should give him go ahead.


Fund RaisingVery successful band concert, see treasurerís report, SV thanked all the committee for their hard work and the way we all worked together on this, a small team but an effective one.Noted that will probably plan usual two events next year including a quiz in April.SV will contact Worleys to see if able to do but leave this and applying for permissions until at least January meeting.

AOB†† None


Next meeting, Tues Jan 4th 8pm followed by taking decorations down



Signed ..........................................Chair/Sec††††††††††† Signed†† ......................................Treasurer


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