Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th Jan 2005


Present R.Orpwood, S. Vaughan


Due to SV failing to write down change of date of this meeting to 6th Jan and therefore putting the usual first Tuesday in the previous minutes, only RO and SV attended on the 5th. There was nothing of any urgency so it was decided not to try and re-arrange the January meeting but to leave most items until February. Apologies to all on the committee who had put the 6th aside only to have the meeting cancelled.


The only item discussed was fundraising. SV had spoken to the Worleys who had agreed in principle to do the quiz in April. SV to check availability and any clashing events of other village groups with CP and then finalise a date with the Worleys. There is time to put in an application for an occasional permission after the February meeting if necessary for an April event or SV may go ahead before this.


The other fundraising event would be in the autumn and RO had a suggestion of a personal contact who is a professional keyboard player and would be willing to do an evening for us similar to the Gordon Giltrap one a couple of years ago. RO to check his availability, ideally in October. SV to contact Take Art to find out when their acts become available to book in case ROs contact does not work out.



After the discussion the Christmas decorations were taken down, thanks to Daggs for assisting.



Next meeting, Tues Feb 1st 8pm