Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st Feb 2005


Present ††††††††††† G. Baker, K. Cockroft, R.Orpwood, C. Peat, J. Phillips, T. Schlechter, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent†††††† J. Brewster, S. Cambourne, P. Moore


Treasurerís ReportKC presented his report to the committee, noted that the 100 club notices would be going out in the next week or so and appealed to members to get as many people interested as possible.


Booking Clerkís reportCP reported bookings still quiet.Confirmed Wed eve would be available if we take up Mendipís offer of table tennis sessions.


CorrespondenceSV had received invitation from Mendip to meeting about new licensing procedures 3rd Feb.Short discussion about merits of what seem to be options.SV to attend in Frome, CP already attending the 2 other meetings, will report back to next meeting.KC received receipt from Charity Commission and form to fill in from Performing Rights Society.Committee agreed will have to absorb some of cost of latter, not practical to pass all on to hirers. SV received small posters from Mendip re table tennis.Has put details in Parish mag and pub plus on Hall doors, to put some posters round village and contact Rob Cox to check if any sessions taking place in local villages, if not could advertise in those areas.Also to ask about possibility of having short mat bowls in hall.


Maintenance1) most electric items finished, but still no diffusers in kitchen, also suggestion of lights on car park side of hall, SV to speak to Paul B about both. 2) Window cleaner Roger Brooks has said gutters need clearing, will do on a spring maintenance day 3) GB to do some more pruning round boundary fences and arrange with JB to take away tub at side of Hall near front if still wants it.


Fund raising†† 1) Quiz arranged for Sat 9th April, 7.30 for 8.00 start, Worleys booked.SV to ask Steve Anderson about wine, KC to get beer and soft drinks.GB to get crisps and nuts.Hall to provide wine for winners, cream eggs for booby prize, paper and pencils and chalk.KC and RO to do bar, other jobs not arranged yet. 2) Autumn event.RO has contact who would do an evening on keyboard for us, probably no charge.To try and firm up on a date in October and let SV know to put on occasional permission form.Alternative would be to approach Take Art but their booking details not available until around Easter.


AOB1) SV had taken advice from Eileen Zoers, Community Council for Somerset, re car park liability.She said we were not responsible for anyone breaking into parked cars but were for keeping car park in reasonable condition and also recommended closing off with cones once a year to comply with private car park regs.2) SV to look into cost of advertising Hall 3) SV to provide TS with welcome pack 4) JP to investigate other activities could have in Hall.



Next meeting, Tues March 1st 8.30pm , note later time than normal due to meeting of local Parish Councils.