Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st March 2005


Present             G. Baker, K. Cockroft, C. Peat,  T. Schlechter, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       J. Brewster, S. Cambourne, P. Moore, R.Orpwood


Treasurer’s Report  KC gave his report to the committee. 100 Club money now coming in but decided to delay first draw until more entered and paid.  Expense items included some more tablecloths and the new window cleaning arrangement plus the Performing Rights invoice for which KC had negotiated a reduction.  The investment account now stands at £11,100 giving us a good base for any future projects to improve the hall although any grants available would be applied for


Booking Clerk’s report  A couple of bookings from outside the village led to discussion re advertising hall.  SV had got rates for Fosseway and Somerset Standard, KC to pass on MSN Journal.  SV to put ad in one or more plus something in Stoke shop and other venues.  The coffee morning booking has been more successful lately and looks like continuing.  The booking for table tennis trial session was confirmed by SV which followed several calls to Mendip and details being put in magazine and on hall and pub notice boards. The free taster session will be Wed 16th March 7.30-8.30pm. SV to put posters up and contact people who had said they were interested, had already put date in village mag. 


Correspondence  SV had received acknowledgement of occasional permissions applications from Mendip.  Re changes in licensing committee noted that Rod Cambourne had agreed to stand as our Designated Premises Supervisor if we decided to apply to become licensed.  SV to request the relevant forms from Mendip and start the procedure.   Two copies of the Community Council for Somerset Newsletter received, noted included change of insurer for village halls.


Maintenance  1) Committee agreed Paul B’s sodium low level lighting suggestion for car park side of hall a good idea, SV to ask him to go ahead. 2) Agreed to leave date of spring maintenance day 3) TS raised the question about hard standing for Hall car park.  SV explained recent history on this which led us to decide to leave it gravelled last summer.  However he has information about a brick weave finish which would allow drainage and will let us have details


Fund raising   1) Quiz arranged for Sat 9th April, 7.30 for 8.00 start, Worleys booked.  SV to ask Steve Anderson about wine and also to get beer and soft drinks in KC’s absence.  GB to get crisps and nuts.  Hall to provide wine for winners, cream eggs for booby prize, paper and pencils and chalk.   RO already agreed to do bar, will need help.  RO to do posters. Need someone to put out tables etc and someone to run raffle if doing.  SV to send letters of invitation to take part to WI, Fols, Rec Field Committee and PCC 2) Autumn event.  RO has not yet been back to his contact, SV has applied for two dates to give choice, could still try Take Art as a fall back. 3) JP still to report back re other possible activities in the Hall 3) SV had mentioned possibility of short mat bowls to Rob Cox, Mendip, and will discuss when he comes to table tennis session.


AOB  1) GB suggested starting an audio society which she would look into and organise.  In connection with this committee discussed buying and lending out a high quality CD player although good care to secure it would have to be taken. 2) SV gave TS his welcome pack as new committee member, also gave some items to CP and agreed to let her have anything missing from pack by next meeting.  CP to give TS a list of the numbers allowed for fire regulations, KC confirmed that both the building and contents are covered by the insurance.3) CP reported a group having trouble making the coin meter work but KC could not find anything wrong with it, will need to keep a check on it. 



Next meeting, Tues 5th April  8.00pm