Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th April 2005


Present             G. Baker, K. Cockroft, C. Peat,  J. Phillips, T. Schlechter, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       J. Brewster, S. Cambourne, P. Moore, R.Orpwood


Treasurer’s Report  KC gave his report to the committee. Large item of General Expense was SWEB bill but similar to last year. Credit of £29.03 is the cheque sent to Parish mag, never cashed, now out of date.  100 Club, two draws made, numbers up to 81 for this year. 


Booking Clerk’s report  CP reported all regular hirers had re-booked including bulk booking for year from Parish Council.  Not many occasional bookings but a few children’s parties.  Table tennis establishing itself on a Wednesday evening.  SV to ask Rob Cox, Mendip, if can borrow 2nd table until we can buy one of our own, committee agreed SV to order this, (£149) and to pay for bats and balls already ordered, (approx £75).  SV also to ask RC about hiring short mat bowling equipment, possibly for a Tuesday, afternoon and/or evening according to demand.   To mention wrong trolley left in hall.


Correspondence  SV had received various items from CC of Somerset including A) a record of facilities form, SV to complete and B) Treasurer details form and request for subscription, KC to do. Other items 1) Occasional permissions, 1 for Sat 9th April, two for Oct, 2) Invitation from Take Art to attend Promotors event, GB to reply and attend 7th May.  3) Application pack for premises licence, CP to assist SV filling in forms, Wed 13th 2.30, noted will need meeting with Rod later to determine how he will oversee Hall serving liquor 4) Detailed report from Paul Burlinson on electrics plus sheet to fill in on on-going basis re testing emergency lighting, SV to keep up to date. 5) e mail from TS on behalf of Parish Council re health and safety; SV agreed to buy Accident book and create evacuation notices for hall, responsibility of hirers should be covered in “Condition” documents issued, TS to check.6) KC received notice ending rate relief entitlement next year but expected it to be re-instated as usual.


Maintenance  1) SV to check if Paul B made any progress on sodium low level lighting. 2) Spring maintenance morning agreed for Sat 14th May from 10am, gutters, exterior paintwork plus any other obvious items to be done. 3) Agreed to leave Hall car park as it is for now and review if any problems crop up.  4) It was noted that some children had been seen throwing mud at the hall windows, SV to put mention in Parish Mag.


Fund raising   1) Quiz arranged for Sat 9th April, 7.30 for 8.00 start, Worleys booked.  SV had 6 bottles each red and white wine from Steve Anderson, also need to get 4 for prize, got mini egg packs for booby prize.  Ordered beer from Rod, bright beer which doesn’t spoil if moved.  KC to give SV left over lager, SV to get any more lager needed plus soft drinks, beer already ordered from Rod, also 1 more raffle ticket book, prize for raffle, rough paper, chalk and pencils.  GB to get crisps and nuts.  RO and Daggs to do bar, SV to do raffle.  SV, CP and GB to put up tables and chairs, 4pm Sat (note SV may be slightly late if delayed at airport)  Letters sent to all  village groups, so far only 6 teams pre-registered.  2) Autumn event.  RO not present so not able to discuss, GB going to Take Art presentation as back up, see Correspondence. 3) JP reported so far research not thrown up any new hiring ideas apart from short mat bowls which we are already looking at.


AOB   SV gave CP the new committee member info sheets and asked her to check if still needed any other items connected with this.


Next meeting, Tues 3rd May 8.00pm


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                     Treasurer

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