Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th  Sep 2005


Present             G. Baker, K. Cockroft, J.Phillips, T. Schlechter, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       J. Brewster, S. Cambourne, P. Moore, R.Orpwood, C. Peat


Minutes             Of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report  Little activity to report but KC reminded us that the accounts year finishes on 30th Sept and all expenses etc need to be in by then.  It was noted only one hiring fee received from bowls club, SV to ask CP to check if another invoice needs sending.    The 100 club draw was made,  winners were 1st Alan Dagger, 2nd Tony Gould and 3rd Joan & David Pattison.


Booking Clerk’s report  CP unwell, no report.


Correspondence  1) Letter from Parish Council presented at meeting in connection with support of scheme to set up village walk route, SV signed on behalf of committee. 2) e mail from Mendip to make appointment with SV to inspect Hall re application for premises licence.  3) Notification of AGM from C.C for Somerset. 4) Advertising material from Go-Pack who supplied table holder etc. 


Maintenance  1) Paul B intends to put in outside light for car park next week. 2) SV to chase Tarmac re gravel yet again, contact is Gary Wason. 3) Western Power Distribution have been out and checked pylon which they assure us is secure.  They pointed out that gutter appears to have been replaced with one slightly larger than original requiring it to bend round pylon and make it look as if the latter is leaning on it which is not the case.  This tallies with work done when roof replaced, no further action needed. 4) SV had reminded Brian Loten about painting exterior side door near bar, will do eventually but very busy at the moment. 5) TS had removed concrete post at side of hall.


Fund raising   1)  Chris James concert:- tickets given out to committee members to sell.  SV going on holiday but will liaise with committee on this when returns.  GB to put posters up in village, Mells etc, TS in Stoke and SV in Hall, pub and Tourist Info in Frome.  SV to order beer from Rod, TS to arrange other drinks with Dean at Stoke shop, GB to organise plougman’s, SV to assist on day.  Will have raffle Committee members present all willing to contribute a prize plus SV to buy one if necessary. 2) Big Band concert on Nov 26th still going ahead, no details yet but JP asked that committee assist where possible when time comes.                                       


AOB   1) Car Parking, TS had received positive response from Paul Emery, PSO, who may assist us to find out owners of long term parked cars in Hall car park.  SV to put another note in magazine, last month’s not published. 


2) SV had had a meeting with Jan Robson re idea of extension.  JR gave a rough estimate of £100 per sq metre for building costs, happy to do plans if we decide to go ahead.  TS to pace out possible site/s to assess cost.  SV noted that any extension would either have to be large enough to house the Toddlers equipment or for their shed to be moved.  Would need room for the Table Tennis tables but these could be put in the proposed small meeting room most of the time.


3) JR brought up separate issue at meeting with SV, suggested we should get a CCTV surveyor to check pipework leading away from Hall towards drain in Bellfield.   Some years ago this was blocked and had to be cleared by R Dunn.  Work done at the time appears to have sunk slightly and JR felt a check every few years was a good idea to make sure it was in good order.  SV to get quotes.


Next meeting, Tues  Oct. 4th 8.00pm


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                     Treasurer

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