Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th  Oct 2005


Present             G. Baker, K. Cockroft, R.Orpwood, C. Peat,  J.Phillips, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       J. Brewster, S. Cambourne, P. Moore, T. Schlechter


Minutes             Of previous meeting were agreed and signed, SV to query building price estimate.


Treasurer’s Report  Graeme King has agreed to check books again.  Fete money £450 but will need to go in next year’s accounts.    The 100 club draw was made;  winners were 1st Kath Griffin, 2nd Roy Haywood and  3rd Jane Weston.


Booking Clerk’s report  CP reported quiet summer but all regular hirers re-booked for autumn.  Includes coffee morning 3rd Mons, after school club on Weds and dancing practice sessions on Sunday mornings.  Committee decided to discontinue advert in Fosseway due to lack of response. Decided to start charging Frome Community College business rate plus David Chandler if viable.


Correspondence  1) Letter of appreciation following recent funeral tea 2) Offer of help from Young Offender scheme, KC to ring to say may be interested at future date.  3) Several info sheets from CC of Somerset. plus newsletters and Thatch 4) Guidestar website letter, SV to sign up 5) Hallmark application form, SV to complete once have H&S and CP documents in place. 6) Info sheet on Somerset Direct who provide info free on various topics, SV to keep in file.


Maintenance  1) Outside light in place and looking good. 2) SV to chase Tarmac re gravel one more time. 3) Plumbing, there had been a perceived problem with water overflow which turned out to be due to tap left on in ladies toilet.  New stop cock fitted under kitchen sink by R Dunn.  Confirmed meter located in road. 4) SV to chase Dynorod re CCTV survey and 5) Lawrence Fairfield, PAT test.


Fund raising   1)  Chris James concert:- CP to try and sell few more tickets but numbers OK.  SV and KC to meet 2pm Sat and GB and CP, (and Anne Orpwood) to join at 2.30 to get Hall ready and prepare food, Marguerite to help in evening.  SV to bring bottles and candles, Bar Price List.  Chris James bio sheets to be copied for tables. Raffle – prizes to Hall by 2.30.  KC to collect drinks from Stoke, SV had arranged draught beer with Rod.  SV to man door/raffle. KC and Daggs to do bar.  SV to chase Take Art re PA system. 2) Big Band concert on Nov 26th, RO agreed to produce flyers, tickets and posters, KC and JP’s to be contacts.  GB, SV and CP will assist with food, will include light supper.  Band’s fee negotiable, need 1.5hrs to set up, 4pm entry latest, JP to man door.     


AOB   1) Car Parking, at time of meeting one long term parked car seemed to have gone.  SV had put a plea in parish mag out shortly.  It was suggested that we try notices on cars again too.  No news re Paul Emery, PSO, TS. not at meeting. 2) Graham Harris and CP working on application for sports grant re short mat bowls, SV and KC assisting as required.


2) Extension:- committee queried “guestimate” quoted by Jan Robson of £100 per sq metre for building costs, felt too low, SV to check.  Still need rough size, see other notes Sept minutes.


3) AGM!  Should have arranged at last meeting.  Decided to have normal Hall meeting on 1st Nov and AGM 8th Nov.  Usually combine two but will need time to discuss Big Band Concert.


Next meeting, Tues  Nov. 1st 8.00pm

AGM              Tues Nov 8th 7.30pm



Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                     Treasurer

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