Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st Nov 2005


Present             G. Baker, R.Orpwood, J.Phillips, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       J. Brewster, S. Cambourne, K. Cockroft, P. Moore, C. Peat, T. Schlechter


Minutes             These and all other items from Nov meeting except those listed below were deferred until December due to small number present.


AGM            Treasurer’s report and Chair’s Annual report for the coming AGM were presented to the Committee, accepted and signed. 


Big Band Concert  Various points discussed including the following:


1)      Set up for instruments on stage hoped to be from 10am Sat 26th.  CP to inform John Phillips should any bookings be received which mean re-scheduling this.  SV to ensure stage clear to begin at 10am.

2)      Set up of rest of hall and food preparation to be from 2.30pm.  G B to organise food, probably quiche and salad.  SV to assist (plus Anne Orpwood? and CP?) Hall to be set up cabaret style as per guitar evening.

3)      JP to ring Shelagh Haywood re extra stage pieces may have been from school. Also to ring TS and KC re arranging drinks (sale or return again from Stoke?)  To speak to Rod re ordering beer, the small size Henry’s bright beer as last 2 orders. 

4)      Committee agreed to provide band with 1 free drink plus food each if required.


5)      Publicity – RO had produced excellent tickets, posters and flyers, the latter going into Parish Magazine coming out shortly.  Prices as guitar evening £6 or £5 concessions. JP to put posters in surrounding villages, RO to put up in Leigh, (Notice board, pub etc)


6)      Raffle decided would have one even though we may struggle for prizes, contributes significant amount to profits and particularly relevant as providing refreshments for band.  Any donations very welcome!


7)      SV to purchase some more coloured light bulbs.




AGM              Tues Nov 8th 7.30pm


Next ordinary meeting Tues Dec 6th 8pm



Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                     Treasurer

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