Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 27th March 2006


Present             G.Baker, K. Cockroft, R.Orpwood, C. Peat, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       J. Brewster, S. Cambourne, T. Schlechter


Minutes             Of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  Still awaiting some money from 100 club entries. First draw of the year made.  1st (£16) Kath Griffin, 2nd (£8) Alastair Weston, 3rd (£4) Chris Cudmore. KC to get form from HSBC to change signatories, CP agreed to be added. Form from Mendip via CP for future BACs payments.


Booking Clerk’s report  CP reported recent hirers for children’s parties made some very favourable comments on the hall and intended to recommend to friends.  The new booking and hiring condition forms are now complete and will be sent once a year to regular hirers as well as to one off bookings. Paperwork to send out now very bulky, SV to provide C4 envelopes. KC to inform insurers that we are advising any business booking to take out insurance, this to check procedure correct. 


Correspondence  1) License for premises had finally arrived.  Original encapsulated summary of this now on notice board and original detailed version stored in cupboard with tablecloths.  Copies of both kept in Correspondence file by SV.  CP pointed out the conditions agreed to for this to be issued, mainly measures to avoid noise annoying neighbours such as keeping windows closed when an event on. 2) Request for annual sub from Community Council for Somerset passed to KC by SV 3) Invitation from CCS to have hall put on web, for a fee, committee felt existing village website sufficient for this, also form from them requesting info re our village communications, SV to do.


Maintenance  1) Drainage/Sewage, KC had quote from Terry Hamblin who is confident all work can be done within our own boundaries, so should not have to involve Wessex Water or Somerset Highways, SV to check this.  2) TH had also done rough estimate of £30,000 for extension based on mirror of existing kitchen/bar areas, which committee felt was very encouraging.  SV to meet with Jan Robson on his return from holiday to discuss requirements prior to him drawing up plans. 3) GB and SV reported had agreed Hall to pay half the cost of wipe clean cloth for village coffee mornings.  4) CP asked if committee would like to buy an extra table, (same as existing large ones) at half price, delivered in error to another group, decided yes, would be useful for large functions.     


Fund raising    Quiz on April 22nd: SV to do flyers to go in magazine, write to any groups felt appropriate, order drinks (note, apple as well as orange juice) including wine for prizes, (beer from Rod plus others sale or return from Stoke) and cream eggs for booby prize, to provide paper and pencils, get shield from pub and with Daggs to man the door and raffle.  GB to get nuts and crisps.  RO and KC to do bar.  RO also to produce some posters and put up.  Anyone available to assist with setting up at 2.30pm on the day. Fete:  GB reported all in hand, looking out for items on offer.  Autumn event  SV to contact Take Art to see when usual preview of acts taking place.


AOB    1)  Visit from CCS re the Hallmark Award Scheme.  GB and SV had met them and answered their questions, will obtain CCS publications recommended.  SV felt that it went well in general and is hopeful of positive outcome.  This award is likely to be required if applying for future funding for extension.  2) CP pointed out the various risk assessments needing doing as itemised in Hall Health and Safety Policy Statement.  SV to look at these initially and report back to committee including any request for assistance.  SV still to arrange date for fire risk assessment with KC plus GB and TS if available. 3) SV noted that according to Thatch magazine the Calor village of the year competition entered recently was only for villages of more than 5,000 so not valid, this info not on entry form!   


Next meeting, Monday 24th April 8.00pm.                                     


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                     Treasurer

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