Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 24th July 2006


Present             K. Cockroft, C. Peat, T Schlechter, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       G. Baker, J. Brewster, S. Cambourne, R.Orpwood


Minutes             Of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  KC reported good state of finances.  Graeme King had agreed to audit our books again this year.  100 club draw: 1st (£15.20) Drew Houston, 2nd (£7.60) Chris Cudmore, 3rd (£3.80) Keith Cockroft.


Booking Clerk’s   Report  The evening yoga sessions are expected to be re-booked in September.  TS advised unsure about continuation of table tennis, if yoga re-books only evening available may be Fridays when he would not have any assistance, not possible to run on his own. CP had advised KC of dates available in summer holidays for Terry Hamblin to do drain work. 


Correspondence  1) Framed certificate from Calor village of year comp, SV to get put on wall, also from this a cheque for £75 payable to Parish Council which SV had passed to Chris Cudmore 2) Current certificate re subscription to Community Council for Somerset, SV to put up.  3) Info on another village hall insurance scheme, SV passed to KC.  4) Plan from Jan Robson for possible extension on kitchen side of Hall as putting foundations on other side could be very expensive due to tree roots. 


Maintenance  1) KC still awaiting reply re dates from Terry Hamblin. 2) Gap in guttering still o/s  TS will do, SV has materials. 3) Extension, SV has meeting with Western Power Distribution re cost of moving telegraph pole if have extension that side.  4) It was noted there had been problems locking the front door of the Hall, which is thought to be due to the hot weather.  SV had been down a couple of times and successfully closed it but obviously there is sometimes a problem.  Doors are thought to be plastic so shaving some off not a solution.  Need to keep situation monitored, only long term solution may be replacement of door/s, which would be expensive so need to be sure necessary.  


Fund raising    1) Still awaiting forms to order tickets/posters etc from Take Art re Shoo Shoo Baby on 13th Oct, SV will chase. 2) Fete liable to pay out around £400.


AOB    1)  SV had received offer of long term loan of hand bell from Shelagh Haywood re fire alarm.  When get this suggested see if noise sufficient to hear in toilets and kitchen and if so only have the one.  If not could look at having a whistle in the kitchen.  Whatever used will need to be firmly attached to wall.  2) SV had done Fire risk assessment notice and letter to user groups but could not  finish/send until bell in situe to be referred to. 3) SV put up cooker restriction notice. 4) Chubb still not turned up with new extinguishers, CP had plan ready to go on wall including these.  5) Toddlers requested to put up notice board on wall between side fire exit and gents loo, committee agreed but to SV said to leave space in case we need to add one there ourselves.  Also requested use of another cupboard, agreed probably Ok but CP to check how many they already use.  SV commented on Toddlers leaving sugar in unsealed bag causing ants to come in, CP to mention to them  6) Hall notice board often obscured but would be OK if tables kept stored adjacent to radiator 7) Various risk assessments as indicated in our Health and Safety Policy still o/s, SV to do when has time.  8) Jan Robson came along to discuss possible siting of extension 9) Graham Harris joined the meeting to discuss how some of the results from the village plan questionnaire may affect Hall extension plans.


Next meeting, Tuesday 29th August 8.00pm.                                  


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                     Treasurer

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