Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 29th Aug 2006


Present ††††††††† G. Baker, K. Cockroft, R.Orpwood, J. Phillips, T Schlechter, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent†††††† J. Brewster, S. Cambourne, C. Peat

Minutes †††††††† Of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurerís ReportKC reported quiet August although needed to draw money from investment account to cover £1200 bill from Terry Hamblin for the drainage work. New fire extinguishers in place, to cost £6.50 a year each to service which will be big reduction over cost when hired, (now all owned by Hall) Chubb had promised to provide correct signage for fire exits but KCís contact had left the company and he would probably have to chase for these.100 club draw: Special prize Peter Knowles (£38), 1st (£15.20) Jan & Denis Pattison, 2nd (£7.60) Mary Phillips, 3rd (£3.80) Jo Anderson.

Booking Clerkís†† ReportCP had told SV that the evening yoga (Weds) still not re-booked and she would ring them.TS to contact CP about re-starting table tennis on those evenings as no booking from yoga.CP had said she would support any decision made by committee on extension issue.


Correspondence1) Cheque from Parish Council for £75 returning money sent in their name re Village of year comp. 2) Invitation to AGM plus various other literature from Community Council for Somerset, SV to send apologies.†††


Maintenance1) Village of year cert still to be put up. 2) Gap in guttering still o/sTS will do, SV has materials. 3) Extension, SV still waiting for Western Power Distribution to send estimates for moving or removing electricity pole, not due until mid September on their system!4) Front door currently locking OK, keep monitored in next hot weather. 5) Unused concrete tub at side of Hall had been removed, GB had put smaller tub near electricity cable to alert drivers to its presence.

Fund raising††† 1) Take Art had promised tickets/posters etc soon.No meeting at end of Sept as SV not available so short one arranged at her house on Wed 13th Sept 7.30 to discuss 13th Oct event.

AOB††† 1)SV had hand bell on loan from Shelagh Haywood to show committee plus shelf to put it on, will arrange to have them put up and can now go ahead with fire notices for Hall and user groups which will refer to bell.2) At last meeting CP had plan ready to include new extinguishers, this can now go on wall.3) Need update from CP on toddlers request for notice board.4) Risk assessments still O/S.5) Inventory had been done by SV, gave out copy to all present but will need to discuss at next meeting.SV had sorted out non-Hall items and put in one cupboard with notice on asking owners to remove items, also to put this in village mag.Any items not claimed by 31st Oct to go to charity shop/tip.6) Chairs, KC reported upholsterer could mend most with fabric tuck, to check how long to do all and arrange for all to be done in a mid week if possible.


We then had a detailed discussion on the proposed extension.The committee decided to go ahead with the original requirement, which was for a small committee room and a storage room.It was envisaged this would be on the right of the Hall, extending forward from the bar area.The exact amount it came forward depended partly on how much it would cost to remove the electricity pole.Western Power sending quotes for this mid September.Agreed to make decision on size etc at meeting at end of October and then ask Jan Robson to do detailed plan to submit to Mendip (SV to ask if he can attend meeting).Points raised in the discussion included information that Mendip are doing a trial plastic/cardboard kerbside collection in one area with a view to extending it to all areas if successful, and that an application had been put in for a commercially run farm shop in the village which if it went ahead may partly meet the need felt by some villagers.SV gave TS some contactinformation about setting up community shops to pass to Parish Council to forward to any group who decide to investigate the possibility of this.

Next meeting, Monday 30th October 8.00pm.


Signed Chair/Secretary†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Treasurer

Date††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Date