Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 30th Oct 2006


Present ††††††††††† G. Baker, K. Cockroft, C. Peat, J. Phillips, S. Vaughan


Apologies/Absent†††††† J. Brewster, S. Cambourne, R.Orpwood, T Schlechter

Minutes ††††††††††† Of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurerís Report this was in year end format ready to submit to Graeme King.†† KC asked committee to check for any errors. Slight error in bookkeeping format re bowls grant was noted.Two years receipts for fete and interest on investment account owing to both receipts falling in current year on this occasion.KC pointed out that we did not quite cover our expenses from hirings for the last year, although the drainage work had been a one off large expense.The hirers who had left over recent years had been replaced with ones not bringing in so much money.The 100 club draw was 1st (£15.20) Ulwin Bilk, 2nd (£7.60) Trevor Abel and 3rd (£3.80) Mrs K Lambert.


Booking Clerkís†† ReportCP reported all regular hirers re-booked but quiet on occasional bookings.Issue of wording in Conditions of Hire forms re presence of children had been addressed with help of Vickie Taylor who works in this field and the appropriate Act is now quoted.SV informed the committee that CP had decided to resign from the committee and as booking clerk after the AGM.SV had started trying to find a replacement and had also created a flyer to hand out at toddlers/playgroup/school to this purpose.SV asked committee members who knew anyone who may be interested to let her have the name.


Correspondence1) Two quotes from Western Power Distribution re electricity pylon. 2) Certificate and bill from Lawrence Fairfield re PAT testing. 3) CCS form re Broadplaces scheme, SV to send off, 4) Letter from CCS re questionnaire already completed and returned by SV. 5) e mail from SWEET informing us do not qualify for Landfill funding 6) Thatch, SV to read and circulate at AGM 7) Newsletter from CCS, KC to read and circulate, 8) Funding for village shop info from VIRSA, passed to CP to give to Graeme.†††††


Maintenance1) Gap in guttering, TS will do, SV has materials.2) Light in porch sometimes staying on, need to monitor 3) Emergency light near side door awaiting new battery.4) Chubb not sent fire escape notices, KC to chase, KC also to put plan of hall up showing extinguishers and exits.


Fund raising††† 1) SV to chase Rod for beer bill for Shoo, Shoo Baby.2) Tickets for Sianís play going very slowly, SV to liase with her re arrangements.


AOB††† 1)Risk assessments still O/S.2) Inventory still not discussed 3) Cupboard to be cleared of abandoned items after AGM.4) Chairs KC to continue with repair plans.


Extension ††Committee and Jan Robson preferred option of removing electricity pylon altogether rather than re-siting it.Jan to go ahead with exterior plans for extension for submitting to Council, to include flat roof as no sensible alternative. The extension would come forward to the front of the building the same distance out as the kitchen, i.e. complete the rectangle.The interior layout of two rooms etc could be decided at a later date.Jan suggested someone from village may be able to assist with digging trench for electricity cable when time comes, also that Parish Council may be willing to be the applicant for planning permission in which case fee would be half, SV to ask John Wright to ask his committee.†††

Next meeting, Monday 27th November 7.30pm followed by AGM at 8.00pm.


Signed Chair/Secretary†††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Treasurer

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