Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd Jan 2007


Present             G Baker, S Cambourne, R Orpwood, S. Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies            K. Cockroft


Minutes             Of previous meeting were agreed and signed following amendment of spelling of Olwen’s name.


Treasurer’s Report KC unable to attend as having operation but had sent his report that was distributed to those present. SV obtained signature from GB re expenses paid.  


Booking Clerk’s   Report  Brenda Wigmore was introduced to the committee as the new booking clerk.  She had been given much assistance to start the role from Caroline Peat, the outgoing clerk, and SV offered to help with any queries which may crop up in addition to the continued advice available from CP.  BW reported that the table tennis is not continuing, leaving Wed evenings free and that the Burns Night celebration run by the Rec Field Committee in the Hall will take place on Sat 27th Jan.  SV asked BW to bring note of the coming month’s bookings other than regular ones to monthly meetings and also gave her the “Welcome Pack” issued to new committee members.


Correspondence  1) Annual Return from Charity Commission, passed to BW to fill in her details, to return to SV for completing and sending off.  2) Newsletter from Charity Commission. 3) Programme for coming season of performances from Take Art, explained Take Art scheme to BW


Maintenance  1) Gap in guttering, TS will do, probably in spring, SV has materials.  2) Correct fire escape notices still not received from Chubb as promised, KC to continue to chase.  3) KC to arrange chair cover repairs when can find a gap in bookings where chairs not needed. 


Fund raising    Aim to do quiz as usual in April, SV to see Worleys Feb.and discuss at next two meetings. 


AOB     1)  Risk assessments still O/S.  2) Inventory still not discussed, do at next meeting


3) EXTENSION Plans for extension received from Jan Robson, shown to committee.  Parish Council had requested viewing before agreeing to be the “applicant” when submitting to Mendip, SV to pass plans to John Wright and attend PC meeting on 15th to answer any questions.  RO suggested moving kitchen to front of new extension, to consider this further at later date but would increase costs substantially.


4) Request received from Rec Field Committee for meeting to discuss implications of their building plans in relation to ours including avoiding duplication of grant applications, agreed on Wed 10th Jan 8pm in Hall, any committee member free please come along. 5) GB asked if boat owner had asked permission to park, SV had agreed to this short term earlier in the year but had not received any further request.  Committee agreed not to take any action at this stage as parked well back and owner believed to be trying to sell it. 6) SV asked RO to send amended ad into Parish Mag with new booking clerk details. 7) The list of committee members was signed by those present, SV to put in minutes file.


Next meeting, Mon 5th February at 8pm.    NOTE FIRST MONDAY OF MONTH TO BE USUAL




Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                     Treasurer

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