Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th Feb 2007


Present ††††††††† G Baker, S Cambourne, K. Cockroft, S. Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies††††††† R Orpwood

Minutes †††††††† Of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurerís Report KC noted continued good bank balance and pointed out payments to Performing Rights Society and to Jan Robson for plans for the proposed extension.Several forms given out for renewal of subs for 100 club.KC to give go ahead for chair recovering noting 16th Feb and 16th March when they need to be available for an event.(Also WI on Monday 12th Feb)

Booking Clerkís ReportBW gave list of Feb events to SV and agreed to mention broken shed plus non appearance of table bought from them to the Toddlers when she next contacts them.Will e-mail SV with list of current contacts, hopefully to include Dave Jarvis. To drop Charity return back to SV to enable her to complete this and post off.SV requested the Short Mat Bowls group be contacted if any Wed morning bookings made during bowls season so mat can be put away on Tues evening. Provisional bookings made for Quiz on April 28th and an autumn event (Big Band?) on Oct 20th.


Correspondence1) Leaflet of games equipment etc for hire passed to BW.2) 3 copies monthly newsletter from Community Co. for Somerset handed out. 3) Leaflet from CC for S re- grants, SV to keep for later ref. 4) Form from CC for S to register any of our equipment for hire by other halls, SV to complete. 5) Booklet of training courses available from VISTA 6) Thatch magazine.7) VAT for charities leaflet passed to KC.


Maintenance1) Gap in guttering still o/s, TS to do in spring? SV has materials.2) Fire escape notices received from Chubb but only 2 of 4 found delivered found at meeting.SV to put up and investigate other 2. 3) Chair covers see Treasurerís report.4) Query from Art Class re why have red and blue coloured bulbs, reason explained to BW, will report their response, Hall may be willing to have all one colour and change for events but not change all each time. 5) Suggestion from GB re clearing cut down growth near new fence in car park, SV to investigate.


Fund raising†† 1) Glen Baron offered to do quiz, Worleys happy to have year off.2) Will Big Band be available for Oct event? No contact from John Phillips, SV to ring.Otherwise will try for Take Art event.


AOB†††† 1)Risk assessments still O/S.2) Inventory, do at next meeting, KC has additions, 3) GB passed on request from Fete committee to purchase large urn so they can borrow it.Committee felt may not be practical as fete only time used and expensive but SV will check price and report back.


4) EXTENSIONPlans now ready to submit to Mendip.KC gave SV cheque for Parish Council who are to be the named applicant, (half price fee), SV to pass plans and Hall cheque to PC who will post plans with their own cheque to Mendip.Process to take around 3 months, hope will be in time for applying to County Joint Scheme for part of funding, deadline 30th June.When Planning permission received will proceed with obtaining builders quotes and submitting funding applications.SV, KC and RO when available to form sub committee to deal with this.Will report any progress back to committee


Next meeting, Mon 5th March at 8pm.†††


Signed Chair/Secretary†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Treasurer

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