Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th March 2007


Present             G Baker, K Cockroft, J Phillips, T Schlechter, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies        S Cambourne, R Orpwood


Minutes             Of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report KC reported income slightly up on this time last year and around £12K in bank accounts.  Expect some of this to be put towards extension funding when the time comes.  100 Club could not be drawn as KC had only received replies to about half his requests for renewal subscriptions.  To chase those outstanding and hopefully do two draws next month.


Booking Clerk’s Report  BW gave list of March events to SV and KC. New regular booking of an evening yoga class, had booked for a short period last year.  BW had informed U5’s of their damaged shed roof.  The contact for this group knew nothing about sale of table to Hall, SV to ring and try and sort out.  Some confusion as to whether Parish Council were consulted re WI change of meeting date from 2nd to 3rd Monday (due to Easter), the latter being their usual meeting date.  BW to liase with both parties.


Correspondence  1) Letter from Jan Robson re his role as CDM Co-ordinator for coming extension project, legally required from 7 April and largely to do with Health and Safety.  2) Lockhart catalogue. 3) Leaflet from National Hubs scheme, SV had contacted them re any possible leads for funding, awaiting reply.  4) Parish Council had e mailed asking if any grant request, SV to try for planning fee.


Maintenance  1) Gap in guttering still o/s, TS to do in spring? SV has materials.  2) Fire escape notices only have 2, need 2 more KC to chase Chubb 3) Chair covers KC waiting for period of low activity in Hall before arranging, may be slot after Race Night on 16th March but before Hall quiz on 28th April.  4) Query from Art Class re why have red and blue coloured bulbs, (bad lighting for their work), committee still prefer these for low lighting of many events but would consider switching to low wattage soft white ones, BW to liase. 5) SV had checked that untidy cut down foliage in Pub area of car park and spoken to Rod who is going to deal with it when he feels needed.


Fund raising   1) Quiz set for 28th April, KC and Daggs to do bar, KC also to order wine, canned beer (plus small amount lager) and soft drinks, SV to run raffle, write to groups and order beer from Rod, GB to get crisps and nuts (and few biscuits?)  Raffle prizes needed. 2) Big Band had put first 3 weeks in Nov aside, JP to check if available for 20th Oct instead otherwise will look at Nov date. 


AOB     1)  Risk assessments still O/S.  2) Inventory, KC has additions, will bring to next meeting 3)  Price of urn requested by fete committee £161 from new Lockhart catalogue, committee agreed too much to spend especially with fund raising for extension coming up.  4) Did fire safety check.


4) EXTENSION  Plans now with Mendip. SV had info.on the Somerset Aggregates Levy Fund and proposed applying to them for the cost of dismantling the electricity pole and re-connecting the supply.  Needs to be in by 14th March if pos, all info to hand except cost of excavating trench on our premises.  SV to get quote, complete form and send off with copies of relevant documents.  Will leave application to County Joint Scheme until mid May, hope to hear from Mendip by then, (SV will check with Jan end of April if not heard).  If not will put application in anyway. Also need to decide what other funding to apply for. Discuss at next meeting what to put in remit for estimates, will need 2 or 3.  


Next meeting, Mon 2nd April at 8pm.   


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                     Treasurer

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