Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd May 2007


Present             G Baker, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, J Phillips, T Schlechter, S Vaughan


Apologies            B Wigmore


Minutes             Of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report No recent payments into the accounts but overall around £12K in credit. KC raised issue of Mrs Rabbitts’ wages, currently £90 per 3mths and suggested an increase, committee agreed rise to £100.  TS and committee keen to make sure not paying below minimum wage, TS to check regs re casual workers.  May need to set out hours worked and rate in writing. KC to apply to Parish Council for payment for urn as promised. 100 Club draw as follows, 1st Tony Gould, 2nd Ann Orpwood, 3rd Alan Dagger.  Prizes £14.20, £7.10 and £3.55. 


Booking Clerk’s Report  BW did not attend but had been communicating with SV re the local elections in the Hall and everything under control.


Correspondence SV had spoken to Somerset Aggregates Levy Fund re application as had heard nothing but decision not out until around 25th May, no written correspondence received.


Maintenance  1) Gap in guttering still o/s, TS to do, SV has materials.  2) Chair covers KC to arrange, company has been busy lately  3) Hall windows now been cleaned. 4) Reminder of maintenance morning agreed for 10am start Sat June 2nd. 5) Car park: committee very concerned about continued presence of boat.  Temporary parking for this had been agreed last summer prior to its proposed sale but this had not happened.  SV to see owner and ask him to remove it after a reasonable time, 2 months suggested.


Fund raising   1) Quiz went well and likely profit of around £170.  SV to take shield in for engraving.   2) Fete on June 16th, Hall committee to assist in refreshment tent as previously, if you have not already signed up via WI for this please see Gill to let her know if you can help.


AOB     1)  Inventory, KC has additions, still to let SV have details.


2) EXTENSION  Need to make sure have estimates in place in time to accompany application to County Joint Scheme, which has to be in before end of June.  SV to contact Jan Robson re proceeding with this.  SV explained that CJ Grant requires Parish Council to make a substantial contribution and she will apply to them for this, 10% suggested by Eileen Zoers, Community Council for Somerset.  CJ Grant will give 50% of cost, we need to find £25% ourselves and if cost around £40K this would be £10K of which we could put £8K already in bank and need to raise another £2K, will need to increase fundraising activities, stall at fete suggested asking for donations, nothing agreed.  Will also need to find another £6K+ from grants, trusts, charities etc.  RO has old Charities Aid handbook, which he will pass to SV to help research, this.


Next meeting, Mon 4th June, at 8pm, back in the Hall.  Don’t forget the maintenance morning on June 2nd if you are available (from 10am). 


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                        Treasurer

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