Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th June 2007


Present ††††††††††††† G Baker, K Cockroft, J Phillips, T Schlechter, S Vaughan,B Wigmore


Apologies††††††† S Cambourne, R Orpwood


Minutes †††††††† Of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurerís Report Continued good balance and noted encouraging amounts of income from non-regular bookings.TS had investigated our obligations re wages to Mrs R. and reported we were under wage level where NI or tax due.Min wage £5.35 an hour, estimated this is being met with our current payment.KC reported chair covers now repaired but informed committee that if they needed more attention in the future this would mean complete re-covering.100 Club draw as follows, 1st K R & J M Davis, 2nd Roger Orpwood, 3rd Linda Burlison.Prizes £14.20, £7.10 and £3.55.


Booking Clerkís ReportNo bookings in BWís absence, SV reported hirers of chairs/tables not paid and promised to return diary. BW asked to keep the week starting Mon 6th Aug free due to work being done with electric supply and trench in car park.BW to contact SV if any enquiries for weekend of 11th/12th.SV reminded she would need answer to questions sent by e mail for funding application.


Correspondence Letter from Somerset Aggregates Levy Fund saying we had been successful with our application.SV had arranged a date by phone for work to be carried out, 7th and 8th Aug, and provisionally booked Terry Hamblin to do trench work on Mon 6th and again on Thurs 9th, he is to confirm can get the digger on those dates. Will inform brewery and Bell Inn.

Maintenance1) A successful maintenance morning, many thanks to all those who helped.The gutters have been cleared out and the gaps mended and the outside and inside paintwork has been cleaned.SV to weedkill round path etc, GB to replace ailing hydrangea.2) SV had written letter to Richard about the boat parking and it had been removed.

Fund raising†† 1) Awaiting bill from Bell re Quiz to enable final accounts to be done, BW to chase Rod.SV had taken shield in for engraving and it was now displayed in the Bell at the winning teamís request.†† 2) Fete on June 16th, JP to assist GB with set up and GB to contact BW if needs extra help later, KC unable to attend.3) Will need some lucrative fund raising events for extension, need to start thinking! Auction? Sponsored brick suggested by TS, SV to speak to Jan etc.

AOB†††† 1) Still O/S from previous meetingsInventory, KC has additions, still to let SV have details.2) EXTENSIONKC gave several sheets of information to SV to aid completion of application form to County Joint Scheme, note previous funding from them 11 years ago. SV to chase Jan if not received plans by Wed, will submit them to 3 builders as soon as possible, 3 already agreed to give estimate.Committee decided to also ask for estimate for change of Gents toilet from present site to Hall Store room, SV to speak to Jan and include with requests to builders.SV had met with Parish Council chair Chris Cudmore who is going to ask PC, at meeting on 18th June, if they will approve approx a 10% contribution to extension costs, funded from 08/09 village precept, SV to attend meeting. SV currently investigating other funding sources, trusts etc, JP assisting.Various suggestions of local funding, auction prizes or advice suggested including the Quarry (prize of a chance to press button to do a blast?), Rick Massey and Kevin McLoud. Steve Anderson may have advice on an auction. SV investigating possible help from Peter Wright (Johnís brother) re funding sources.3) Paul Burlison to replace emergency light unit over front door and put low energy bulb in car park light.

Next meeting, Mon 2nd July 8pm


Signed Chair/Secretary†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Treasurer

Date†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Date