Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd July 2007


Present                 G Baker, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, J Phillips, T Schlechter, S Vaughan,  B Wigmore


Apologies            S Cambourne


Minutes             Of previous meeting were agreed and signed after amendment to date of meeting.


Treasurer’s Report KC explained a couple of items on his report, payments for new plants and the building regs fee, but finances still healthy and had agreed with SV could afford to put £10,000 from present balance towards extension.  100 Club draw as follows, 1st Jan Schlechter, 2nd Roy Haywood, 3rd WI.  Prizes £14.20, £7.10 and £3.55.  Costs of 2 items given to SV to add to inventory.


Booking Clerk’s Report  BW reported usual regular bookings plus a lot of equipment hire.  The people booking a dance practice session on Sundays have extended this at the moment to Wednesdays too.  The evening yoga session had not taken place after all due to lack of support but the organisers feel it may be worth trying in the autumn.  SV reported problems with nappies being left in toilets and blocking them, had now put notices in each.  Also nappy and large number cardboard food boxes left in kitchen bin, complaint from Mrs Rabbitts, SV had cleared.  SV to speak to Toddler Group on Tues and BW to give verbal reminder re nappies and rubbish to private hirers, children’s parties etc.  SV informed BW and committee of change of date for electrical work in car park to week starting 30th July.  SV to produce some notices for Hall, pub and other suitable sites and inform website, already in Parish Magazine just out.  BW agreed to help SV do new inventory early August, SV to arrange date.


Correspondence SV had received several information sheets from the Community Letter for Somerset including advert for Road Show in Nunney which she will attend on Tues 10th July to gather further info on the Broadplaces scheme and a questionnaire re electrical checks which she will complete and return. Receipt given to KC for building regs fee and two ads for Hall insurance for him to check rates.  Estimates had been received from 3 builders, one to come.


Maintenance  Nothing new had arisen.


Fund raising   1) Just over £200 profit from Quiz.   2) Fete very successful, £650 payout!  GB asked committee if willing to give more support if fete runs next year, to also ask WI.  Positive response subject to unplanned events in personal lives. 3) Big Band concert in Oct, leave to Sept meeting.


AOB     1) EXTENSION  SV had completed  application form to County Joint Scheme and taken into Shepton.  Based on estimates from 4 builders, with vat, a 10% contingency addition and including costs of architect and planning fees, the whole project was estimated to cost £36K, including re-location of gents toilet, so a bid of £18K had been submitted to Mendip.  Early indications good but will not know outcome until next Feb/Mar.  Eileen Zoers, Community Council for Somerset, had advised could wait until then to chase funding shortfall, around £4K, as will be in better position to do so once actual figure known.   However SV will start to gather more info on funds and will contact local businesses in near future to see if would contribute, showed committee proposed letter.  Will look at sponsored wall idea again in March and also fund raising auction of promises etc.  Likely date for this some time in May as quiz usually April and fete in June.  2) TS to ask Graham Harris if will take lead on Calor Village of the Year entry, SV offered to assist with info if required.


Next meeting, Mon 3rd September 8pm     NOTE NO AUGUST MEETING


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                        Treasurer

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