Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd December 2007


Present                 G Baker, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, J Phillips, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       S Cambourne, M Read


Minutes             Of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report No report as previous meeting only a week ago, although it was mentioned the Performing Rights Society’s bill for £68.80 had been received.  Draws made for 100 club First, 1) Ann Wells, 2) Roseanne Houston, 3) Roger Orpwood.  Second including special prize 1) Wendy and Des Worley 2) Alan Dagger 3) Collette and Daniel Mears 4) Vera Carey.


Booking Clerk’s Report  As above no new report but BW helped committee review hire rates in light of failure to cover costs of running Hall from our charges again this year.  Decided to increase the permission for sale of alcohol to £15, the daytime rate to £5 an hour, evenings to £6, peak times to £7 and business users at all times to £8.  This was a difficult decision as we do not want to lose hirers if cost is too high for them but the decision was made with the need to cover costs in mind and with reference to charges made by Stoke Hall, still higher than ours in most cases.


Correspondence KC had letter from Mendip re commercial rates and hoped to hear from them that we had been nil rated as before. SV had received the Charity Return request with info about completing online, will pass to KC.  Also a booklet from Mendip about play and sports equipment to hire at low cost, SV to put on notice board and BW to refer to it on booking forms.


Maintenance  SV asked if any progress on outdoor bin for cigarette stubs.  BW said Rod had not been able to find the info on this so SV will investigate alternate source.  KC had reported cobwebs on ceiling in Hall to SV with suggestion of buying extending brush for Mrs Rabbitts to use.  SV so far unable to find one, BW will look out for one.  SV mentioned earlier to KC that one of the dimmer switches for stage lights faulty, has bought new one, Daggs to fit.


Fund raising   Big Band Concert John Phillips to check if they can do the 23rd February, or 16th if not.  Will make arrangements at next 2 meetings.


AOB     1) SV tried contacting Somerset Aggregates Levy Fund to see if operating again and will chase this.  If OK for 2008 will submit application for shortfall of funding for extension. SV did not feel could ask for firm quotes from builders until after receive confirmation of council funding as quotes normally only valid short while, however must bear in mind builders get booked up!  2) SV informed those of committee who did not know, that Rod and Sue are to leave the Bell on the 25th of January.  The committee all expressed their regret at this and SV told them that Rod has very kindly agreed to continue to act as our DPS, which we are extremely grateful for.  SV to go and talk to the new landlords with view to continuing good relationship we have had with the Bell. 3) BW asked if short mat bowls on Weds afternoons likely to re-start in New Year, SV said no as not enough players.  4) BW passed on apologies from Ken Wall for not attending AGM and his concern about a large heavy lorry which has been parking at Hall overnight on several occasions and is contributing to the car park been churned up.  Committee to keep an eye on this, SV may contact the company, Jacksons of Chilcompton, if can find details.5) KC gave his apologies for the next meeting.


Next meeting Monday 7th January at 8pm.



Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                        Treasurer

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