Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th January 2008


Present                 G Baker, R Orpwood, J Phillips, M Read, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       S Cambourne, K Cockroft,


Minutes             Of previous meeting agreed after alteration of BW to GB in item 4) AOB and signed.


Treasurer’s Report No report as KC on holiday.


Booking Clerk’s Report Written report to be e mailed to SR.  BW reported change of one of the dance practices from Wed to Mon eve, still 5-6pm.  This frees up Wed eves and BW will inform Graham Harris in case wishes to swap group dance class from Fri to Wed.  This is initially booked for one session on 11th Jan but could be series of 12 if initial one successful.  All regular bookings, art, yoga, WI etc, continue and have been informed of new hire rates.  New list of charges given to SV and MR (for Parish Council).  BW to e mail 1 more to SV who will put 1 in notice board, 1 in Hall


Correspondence SV had received leaflet from Shute Farm re craft courses, will put on board.


Maintenance  1) SV had found reasonably priced outdoor bin for cigarette stubs on internet.  Showed picture of choices to BW and committee and agreed to order the smallest one.  BW suggested it be situated on left side of Hall at the side, SV to confirm before fitting.  2) Still need extending brush for Mrs Rabbitts to use, none located yet.  3) dimmer switch for stage replaced, thanks to Daggs  4) SV and Daggs had taken down Xmas decs prior to meeting.


Fund raising   1) Big Band Concert: - we had originally chosen 23rd Feb as first choice, SV now away that day and John Phillips to check with Big Band if 16th a possibility.  SV to check with KC if available to help on that date when returns next week.  SV to print revised flyers and deliver for distribution with Parish Mag once date finalised, will also print off & encapsulate posters and put up nearer time, letters to go to groups.  Details to go into Parish Mag diary and Hall article for Feb issue.  Will let RO know so he can print tickets. 2) BR made fund raising suggestion in AOB for a mouse race and will liase with Masqueraders Carnival Club, who run them, re dates available, preferably in May. 3) Quiz in April as normal, no arrangements yet, SV will need to speak to Worleys.


AOB     1) SV had submitted formal application to Somerset Aggregates Levy Fund for £4,600, which is current anticipated short fall of funding for extension.  There is however some doubt this fund will go ahead in same manner as in recent years, SV to chase if not heard by March to give us time to start looking for other funding sources. 2) SV had contacted the 2 builders we used to work out our expected costs for building extension, Terry Hamblin and Rob Moore, (SV to check refs given by latter).  Both available in summer holidays which would be ideal time to build with minimum disruption to hirers, work expected to take around 8 weeks.  They will firm up on estimates and get back to SV this week, SV to consult with KC on his return and choose one builder to book for the work. 3) SV had contacted lorry company re parking at Hall and they have spoken to the driver who has agreed not to use Hall in future.  4) SV very concerned about condition of car park, mainly due to sinkage following the re-location underground of electricity supply.  Had filled in some holes but more to do.  JP has scalpings available, SV and Daggs to collect at weekend, but will need gravel to top.  SV will assess situation and obtain small quantity of gravel if necessary.  May need large quantity to top up whole car park once extension built.


Next meeting Monday 4th February at 8pm.



Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                        Treasurer

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