Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th February 2008


Present                 G Baker, S Cambourne, K Cockroft, J Phillips, M Read, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       R Orpwood


Minutes Of previous meeting agreed and signed after alteration of BR to MR in Fundraising item 2).


Treasurer’s Report KC noted little change but still awaiting yoga payment.


Booking Clerk’s Report  BW reported no adverse re-action to increased hire charges which had been necessary to try to cover running costs of Hall.  Will check yoga finish date in summer term and let SV know to confirm start date with builder Rob Moore. Will also chase Toddler group about removal of broken down extension section of their shed. Dates were reserved for the annual quiz to be run by the Worleys on 12th April and later in meeting for Mouse Race evening on May 10th.  It was noted that FOLS also running quiz but on 15th March which it was felt would not affect ours. 


Correspondence SV had received letter from Somerset Aggregate Levy fund to say will consider our application and let us have outcome in April.  CC Annual Return form received, MR to fill in relevant section and pass to KC for completion. KC had leaflet from Gopack to keep in case need in future.


Maintenance  1) SV brought bin for cigarette stubs to meeting and GB suggested it be put on right of Hall entrance, same area as existing ordinary bin, SV and Daggs to do. 2) Still need extending brush, BW to try and get in Bath, SV to investigate Clean Easy on internet as alternative. 3) BW noted mat in lobby had been very wet recently, seems OK now, will monitor. 4) Ann Robson had offered new bin for disabled loo, SV to contact to accept. 5) SV to try to find replacement boxes for bowls etc. 6) GB requested plant tub to right of Hall be pushed back into place, SV and Daggs to do 7) Thanks to JP for scalpings given recently and for offer of more from Graham Harris following request by MR on our behalf, available March, SV to act, noted will need gravel to cover following building work in summer. 8) GB reported light in ladies toilet often left on, SV pointed out had notice in toilet requesting it being turned off and did not see what else could do, however BW suggested that GB record when this happens to see if a particular hirer who we could then speak to about it.


Fund raising   1) Big Band Concert 16th Feb: - Posters and flyers out. SV gave out tickets to members of committee to sell and asked them all to ring her on Tues to check numbers sold so she can decide if enough to go ahead. If we do SV will get drinks, GB get food, RO and Daggs to man bar, SV to man door and raffle.  Items for raffle requested to SV by the day or 3pm on the 16th if not.  SV and Daggs to clear stage before 11am, KC, SV, GB and anyone else available to set up Hall and food from 3pm onwards.  2) MR had made brilliant progress with organising mouse race, (10th May), with several sponsors, reduced rate wine etc, committee agreed to £10 entry charge and £5 a strip (or £1 a ticket) for the raffle with the special prizes she has obtained including a meal for 2 at a top class restaurant. 3) Quiz 12th April see Booking Clerk’s Report.


AOB     1) Extension - SV and KC had met to decide which of 2 firmed up builders’ quotes to accept,  chosen Rob Moore who had been slightly cheaper.  Work expected to start beginning July and last about 8 weeks, still need to fundraise for decoration etc and maybe more if Aggregate Levy fund application not successful 2) GB was concerned about another long term parked car, SC may be able to find out owner and let SV know, if not SV to put notice on asking owner to contact her.


Next meeting Monday 3rd March at 8pm.



Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                        Treasurer

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