Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd March 2008


Present                 G Baker, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, J Phillips, M Read, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       S Cambourne


Minutes Of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report Yoga payment from Frome College still o/s, BW to ring if no result soon, seems to be linked to confusion due to proposed change of day.  KC to move another £1K to deposit a/c and chase potential 100 club members, still a lot not replied, draw delayed until next meeting.


Booking Clerk’s Report  Yoga see treasurer’s report.  Report showed 3 extra bookings in addition to regular ones;- WI teas for litter pick afternoon, FOLs quiz night and a private party. BW had chased Toddler group about removal of broken down extension section of their shed, no response yet. 


Correspondence 1) Letter from Rob Moore confirming start date of extension work to be Mon 7th July and to last for 8-10 weeks.  Had also set out a schedule of payment which we will need to liase with him on nearer the time, bearing in mind the procedure of payment to be made from the Joint County Scheme. This grant, agreed in principle, should be confirmed this month.  2) Another advertising letter from an insurance company, SV passed to KC to read and consider. 


Maintenance  1) Cigarette stub bin put up on wall, BW has included on plan of Hall to give to hirers. 2) Extending brush, still need, SV to try again to find Clean Eze contact or other source. 3) SV still to find replacement boxes for bowls etc. 4) Scalpings available from Rec Field via Graham Harris some time this month, SV to monitor. 5) Broken down shed, see Booking Clerk


Fund raising   1) Big Band Concert.  This had been a reasonably successful and pleasant evening, although profit modest.  Some good comments on food received. JP to talk to band leader about their fee 2) Quiz 12th April. SV to do letters to village groups as usual and to make sure Rose Martin has details for What’s On flyer.  RO to design posters, to be put up a couple of weeks before event, SV to help with this, print out and laminate.  Will not have tickets but SV will keep list of those coming. No food provided but GB to get crisps and nuts.  SV had appealed for raffle prizes in current Parish Mag, any from committee welcome.  SV to get drinks including ordering beer if looks as if enough people coming.  Entry to be £8 a team of 4, but individuals or couples also welcome and we will help organise them into a team. KC and RO to do bar, SV to do door and raffle.  To arrange set up time next month but BW to take afternoon booking if one arises. 3) Mouse Race 10th May.  6 tables of 8 people already booked, all races sponsored, MR asked for deposit for Masqueraders who are running the event, KC to do.  Clarified that Masqueraders just take their fee, all tote profits, plus raffle, bar and entry profits go to Hall Funds, which should be a major boost to our fundraising for the extension.  Prize from showground now to be for Amateur Gardening show tickets not Bath and West as previously thought.  Committee were asked to let SV know as soon as are asked for any tickets for this event as must take care not to over sell.  SV/KC to check how many tables can be put out, MR would like 11 but may not be enough room.  Will need to produce tickets for this event to help avoid overselling.  RO to produce flyers about Mouse Race to be put on tables at Quiz. More arrangements to be made at next meeting. 


AOB     1) Long term parked car appears gone, SV to keep check on this.



Next meeting Monday 7th April at 8pm.



Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                        Treasurer

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