Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th April 2008

Present     G Baker, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, M Read, S Vaughan

Apologies/Absent    S Cambourne, J Phillips, B Wigmore

Minutes Of previous meeting agreed and signed.

Treasurer’s Report In addition to presenting his report KC informed committee deposit for Mouse Racing now paid. SV reported Big Band only asking for £60 for last event, KC to pay. Cheque returned from carers of Mr Abel as out of date, KC to replace. Community Council request for annual subs of £20 received. Usual nil classification received from Mendip re rates. 100 club draw made :-1) June Brewster, 2) Paul Burlison 3) Sue and Dave Mattick.

Booking Clerk’s Report None received as BW absent.

Correspondence 1) Reminder from Mendip re annual licence fee, which we thought paid, KC to investigate. 2) Trustee Voice mag from Charity Commission 3) Take Art invite to annual presentation of performers, GB to check if can attend, if not to pass back to SV. 4) Community Council Newsletter, advice to contact insurers when carrying out building work noted, applicable if extension goes ahead.

Maintenance 1) KC had obtained extending brush, will give to Mrs Rabbitts when collects wages, SV requested he also point out new mop to her. 2) SV still to find replacement boxes for bowls etc. 3) Scalpings received from CAP group, some put down by SV and Daggs, to do rest when have time. 4) Broken shed, SV to contact Toddler Group.

Fund raising 1) Quiz 12th April. Bookings for this had been much slower than usual but just enough teams to allow us to go ahead. No draft beer as too few attending at date needed to order. SV had bought drinks, GB nuts and crisps. KC and RO still OK to do bar, SV to do door and raffle. KC and RO to donate raffle prizes, SV had received a couple and will also donate prize. Committee to put up tables etc 4pm Sat, SV& KC to go early to test out numbers of tables can fit in for Mouse Racing. 2) Mouse Race Night 10th May:- RO to provide flyer advertising this for tables at Quiz and design posters/tickets/programmes. SV to print/laminate etc. MR to give RO template for programmes, SV to assist if required. Raffle, new prize - 4 ball at Farrington Golf Club, to join those already in place. Food- Cold plate of meats/cheese/salads/chutney plus puds with choice of say lemon/choc types - all sponsored. Food plus wine on table included in £10 a head entry, this to be put out before arrival to eat at 8pm before races start. Name cards needed on tables booked, currently 6 including those we are waiting to confirm. Committee were asked to let SV know as soon as are asked for any tickets for this event as must take care not to over sell.

AOB GB noted the hedges in Bellfield adjacent to Hall very overgrown, SV to try to contact Somerset CC to see if will cut.

Next meeting Tuesday 6th May at 8pm. (Mon is Bank Holiday)

Signed Chair/Secretary Treasurer

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