Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th October 2008


Present   G Baker, S Cambourne K Cockroft, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent Vanessa Barns, J Phillips, M Read, R Orpwood


Note VB is new representative from Toddler group (under 5s), SV  will contact her and take joining pack, we hope to see her or a substitute at future meetings.


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report KC presented his accounts for end of Sept these also being the yearly accounts, which he will then pass to accountant Graeme King to check. Various items were explained, in particular the money going out and coming back, (from grants), for the extension. KC thanked MR and SV for their parts in the raffle and the extension project respectively and requested list of raffle prize winners for lotteries return, SV to send this. A 100 Club draw was made, 1st Trevor Wells, 2nd Sue Moore, 3rd Noreen Knight.


Booking Clerk's Report BW had not brought a written report but confirmed the new 10 week booking of the dance sessions from Take Art and monthly ones from the Leigh on Mendip Community Action Group. Then followed a discussion on the rates to charge for the new small meeting room. KC felt strongly that we should include its use with the hire of the main hall, possibly with an overall increase in rates, as existing facilities such as main hall lighting and kitchen would also be used. SV, BW and GB did not think an immediate increase in charges was a good idea as some groups already struggle to pay. SV particularly concerned we would not be getting any extra revenue from new meeting room. As a compromise it was decided on a separate rate for those occasions when there were two bookings for the same period, where one could use the small room. It was decided not to increase rates, although these would be reviewed for the new year and to offer the small room in event of a clash of dates at a rate £1 less than the main hall. This policy to be monitored and reviewed later in year.


Correspondence 1) SV had received estimates for flooring extension and sanding and sealing wooden floor.  2) KC had leaflet from Go Pak re tables 3) SV had received posters and flyers from Take Art for the concert on the 25th.


Maintenance 1) SV and Daggs had cut back hedge on Bellfield Rd near the Hall  2) Mrs Rabbitts had found change of cleaning day too inconvenient and changed back to weekends.  SV had bought new mop from catalogue at Mrs R’s request, also small bin for gent’s loo to make up minimum order. 3) Mould in kitchen, leak under sink not recurred. SV had arranged for weeds etc to be cleared away from damp course at back of hall and a soakaway put in from downpipe at the back corner of the building.  The latter done by builder at no further cost. SV expressed concern over general mould in kitchen and committee to monitor to see if actions taken solve the problem. 4) Daggs to replace rotten piece of skirting board in disabled loo and ease the double doors into new extension.  Re latter SV to give BW a key for these once lockable. 5) SV gave KC leaflet on new meter and will buy padlock to secure it.


Fund raising 1) Take Art concert with Helen Barrett on Sat 25th Oct, 7.30 bar for 8.00 start. 27 tickets sold to date. SV had put up several posters, committee to put up more. Flyers with magazine producers, late going out but hopefully not a problem. SV to try to sell at WI and take round village if necessary. Food: GB to organise, decided use ploughman’s type items but put out on large plates etc in new meeting room and get people to come and take their own.  SV to buy drinks. Raffle prizes to SV before the day please. Daggs and KC to man bar, SV to do entry/raffle, (could do with assistance on this), SV, KC and GB to get Hall ready from 3pm on the day. 

AOB 1) Extension: building finished, builder to sort out fire doors, can put vent in store at no further cost once he gets electricians bill if as expected is under amount allowed. We will get final bill after this and SV will make last claim for Council grant. At that stage would have about £6K left in account. However need to pay for extension flooring and re-treatment of wood floor.  SV not heard back yet re application to Gloria Cawood. SV gave committee details of quotes for extension flooring, decided on the one to use and an approximate colour.  SV to go and look at chairs in Rec Field which may be used in small meeting room to make sure won’t clash and then order carpet. Decided to use carpet in store too as no more expensive and less likely to rip. Quotes for re-treating wood floor came to approximately £1750 including vat.  All 3 companies confident could do the job, wood not too thin, and all advised checking every 2 or 3 years and re-sealing (a much cheaper job) if needed, not leaving it 10 years again!  (last done 1998!) Committee felt should leave to new year/spring to action and fund with combination of an event, applying to local companies for donations and existing funds. SV to also ask Margaret Loten for details of organisation she promoted at a recent coffee morning that may be able to help. Note the rest of the Parish council grant is due in the spring but this is for the extension project and will replace some of the money we “borrowed” from our own funds.  However indirectly it will make us in a better position to go ahead with the resurfacing of the wooden floor. SV to contact all those who gave quotes.

Work Party. SV asked all who could to come along on Friday 10th and Sat 11th Oct from 10am to do the emulsion painting, main Hall, disabled loo and extension to be done. Bring own rollers/brushes. SV will remove radiator covers, posters etc. SV with assistance from KC had done most of gloss work, just the exterior of fire doors to do. 

2) RO and BW still to arrange for signatures on mandate.

3) SV said would like picture of some sort on both filled in Hall wall and on one in new meeting room. Suggested asking art group, BW to do and SV to ask school too, maybe collage. Committee also suggested new, large, notice board, to be sited on said wall in main Hall, SV to source.

4) Inventory. This is usually done in August but delayed due to building work.  BW and SC to do.

5) AGM, KC now no longer able to attend. Committee tried to find alternative date but unable to do so, KC will give his report to SV to be approved by committee. So Mon 3rd November stands, can as many committee members as possible please come along to ensure we have sufficient numbers present. SV to send letters to groups.

Next meeting 7.30pm Monday November 3rd followed by the AGM at 8pm.




Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                       Treasurer

Date                                                                                                    Date