Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd November 2008


Present                 G Baker, Vanessa Barns, S Cambourne, J Phillips, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       K Cockroft, M Read, R Orpwood


Minutes  of previous meeting agreed and signed, with proviso to look at matters arising, other than those covered below, at next meeting as this one very short.


Treasurer’s Report  KC unable to attend, report sent was the yearly accounts to the end of Sept which were agreed and signed by the committee in preparation for the AGM later. The 100 Club draw was deferred to the Dec meeting.


Annual Report  This was presented by SV and also agreed in preparation for the AGM.



Booking Clerk’s Report  BW handed out a list of bookings for November.  She also arranged with GB to cover keys provision for events on 8th November with June Brewster.  Discussion on hiring rates deferred to Dec meeting.


Correspondence/Maintenance 1) SV had accepted quote for flooring of extension and work had been done although carpet in meeting room faulty and being replaced by suppliers on Fri 7th Nov. Had also sent letters to the 4 companies quoting for sanding/treating wooden floor to say would be in touch in spring.  2) Letter from short mat bowls group requesting permission to put tall cupboard in hall at some time for their equipment.  Agreed this OK, probably to be sited in new store once socket moved to front of room.  3) e mail from Graham Harris re ALC and ongoing situation re them installing a range cooker.  SV explained this would need around £1000 of electrical work to increase amperage available.  ALC able to put in £700 plus cost of cooker.  SV asked committee if willing to make up shortfall of £300 from hall funds and this was agreed.  SV to check KC in agreement with this on his return. 4) Many thanks to BW and SC for producing the inventory, copies available on request.


Fund raising   1) Take Art concert with Helen Barrett on Sat 25th Oct was very successful. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, food worked very well, many thanks to Gill Baker, attendance 58, should make profit of around £200. Publicity from Take Art a big help, well over half tickets sold to people outside Leigh.  SV appealed for more help running future events, this one had only 3 committee members present and we only managed with the help of Steve Anderson and Daggs.  Need to try harder to find dates for events when more committee members available to help, barring last minute problems. 

Next meeting

For various reasons we had great problems finding a date in early December which was both convenient for committee members present or not already booked.  We eventually arranged for the next meeting to be at 8pm on Wednesday 10th December.  We have a lot to discuss so would appreciate as many committee members as possible coming along

However this means we need to put the Christmas Decorations up in the morning (10am start) of Friday December 5th so they are up for the Church Christmas Fair later that day.  We appreciate not all committee members will be able to make this but if you are available do come along, the more we have the quicker we should get done.