Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 11th February 2009


Present               S Cambourne, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       G Baker, V Barnes, J Phillips, M Read


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report KC had made transfer to deposit account as planned, but had also paid bill for upgrade of electrics. Cheque for £700 from ALC received towards this. Money also coming in from regular bookings including the new ALC ones. Forms for 100 club available and plans made to ask various social groups in interested.


Booking Clerk’s Report  BW gave out list of hirings for the coming month and the What’s On poster which now includes more detail such as maximum capacity for audience.  This will be on the website and also included in the Welcome Pack given to new villagers.  She reported the ALC need padlock key to get glasses out,   SV suggested we solve this ongoing problem by buying combination locks. BW also reported complaints over length of time the money in the meter heater now lasts.  SV had altered this when the new meter was put in the small meeting room and she realised we were charging far less per unit in the main hall.  In fact the rate had not been altered for several years in spite of large increases in cost of electricity.  However SV asked KC to check what the average cost per unit is from our supplier and we will make sure our setting is reflecting that and no more.


Correspondence 1) KC had received certificates from Lawrence Fairfield re PAT testing and Community Council for Somerset for membership.  2) SV had received a) forms re electrical check and certificate of new installation, b) new hall licence, opening hours amended. c) letter from Tarmac agreeing to provide gravel for car park and contact in Halecombe to arrange, d) items from Somerset CC; work party offer (not available to help with gravel), ad for their committee room and letter checking our correspondence details.  SV also had phone call from Chris Cudmore offering to make the PC’s outstanding donation for the extension up to £1500 when paid in April, call from Take Art confirming will put on production in Hall during Frome Festival 3-12 July, call from lady in Bellfield requesting leave van in car park for a week, noted already much longer, SV to contact soon. 


Maintenance  1) Application for free gravel from Tarmac successful, SV to arrange date in March.  Discussed leaving grass strip round edge as suggested by GB but committee agreed this would not maximise car parking space and difficult to maintain unless properly edged which was felt not practical due to both cost and time 2) faulty meter in meeting room replaced. 3) Vacuum cleaner not working properly, very old, SV replaced with upright one at request of Mrs Rabbitts, tools should be OK for short mat cleaning. 4) Wooden floor, agreed to go ahead with re-surfacing in April, SV to arrange date, liasing with BW and contact the company we chose from 4 who quoted.


Fund raising   1) Village quiz had been arranged with the Worleys for either Fri 3rd April or Sat 28th March (no other April dates possible).  Committee agreed to go with Sat 28th, arrangements next month.  2) Event in summer with Take Art see Correspondence.

AOB  1) RO and BW had arranged date to sign mandate! SV thanked RO for updating charges on ad in magazine, RO still intends to update drawing  2) GB not present so no report on situation with rubbish bin at front of hall. 3) Annual clean up day, usually held in May, will discuss later



Next meeting Monday 2nd March at 8pm