Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd March 2009


Present              G Baker, S Cambourne, K Cockroft, M Read, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       V Barnes, R Orpwood, J Phillips


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report Little change since last report with healthy balance still considering amount put in for extension etc.  Rest of Parish Council grant for extension due in April but likely to need to pay out £1675 at end of that month for floor re-surfacing.  8 new members of 100 club but not able to make first draw as not all existing ones confirmed yet. SV had adjusted rate on main electric meter back down to 13p a unit, KC having checked the actual cost.  SV asked KC to alter meter in extension.


Booking Clerk’s Report  BW gave her report to committee with particular mention of the Drivers Safety Course on Fri 6th March.  The Toddler group had requested booking for Sat 28th, the day of the Hall quiz, but committee happy to agree as only needed from 10.30am to 2pm.  VB from this group had also reported problems opening fire doors which lead out to the sheds, SV to check and monitor.  


Correspondence 1) SV had received newsletter, details of business meetings and info on funding schemes all from the CCof Somerset.  2) She had also received details from Take Art re their event in July to be held in the Hall in conjunction with Frome Festival.  3) KC had a security checklist from our insurers Allianz Cornhill, 4) Certificate of membership from the Community Council and 5) another certificate from the Performing Rights Society, which we also subscribe to. 


Maintenance  1) Date for gravel Fri 13th March from 8am.  SV had put posters up around hall and flyer in magazine to publicize, will also check car park late on 12th.  Daggs had donated the hire of a mini JCB which he will use to spread gravel but some help will still be needed to rake even.  2) New vacuum cleaner working well if rather powerful! 3) Date booked for floor re-surfacing of Fri 24th April from 8.15.  However SV had recently realised Grassroots grant scheme may be able to fund this and will apply. Should this mean postponing she will inform committee.  If goes ahead on 24th BW and SC to arrange entry etc. as SV away, SV to check with contractor the week before and confirm with BW. 


Fund raising   1) Village quiz 8pm (bar 7.30) Sat 28th March.  SV had publicized on flyer and article in parish mag and asked RO to do posters for her to put up weekend of 14th March, will also send letters to village groups.  KC to do bar and provide raffle tickets. SV also to ask RO if can help on bar (Daggs to do if not). GB to buy crisps and nuts and assist SV and KC to prepare hall at 4pm on the day.  SV to arrange drinks, had received offer of cheap sale or return wine and canned beer/lager from Kathy Simpson (WI) but committee concerned about selling canned beer especially if not popular brand and decided to try and obtain polypin of draught.  SC to get info on this and contact SV.  Will still take wine plus some cans.  SV also to get prizes of wine and booby prizes plus scrap pads/pens and man door. 2) Take Art event, week of 3-12 July, SV read out details of the 4 choices which had to be put in order of preference, although choice not guaranteed.  Decided on 1st, musical/dance/drama including Elvis music and 2nd, Sian Williams’ plays, but SV needs to re-check space required for first choice before submitting. 3) Fete, last meeting poorly attended.  Committee keen to help on the day.

AOB  1) RO and BW had signed mandate, 4 committee members now signatories. 2) Annual Hall clean up day Sat 9th May from 10am. 3) BW requested moving meeting time to 7.30 but was outvoted.



Next meeting Monday 6th April at 8pm