Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th April 2009


Present               G Baker, V Barnes, S Cambourne, K Cockroft, M Read, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       R Orpwood, J Phillips


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report Profit in excess of £300 made from the recent quiz, this being best made on quiz we can remember. KC to transfer some money to deposit account bearing in mind will eventually need some for flooring bill although hopefully Parish Council grant will also be received shortly.  2 draws of 100 club made.  Draw 1 1st Jules Hooker, 2nd Steve Anderson, 3rd Val Blunden.  Draw 2 1st Liz Robinson, 2nd Ivy Corp, 3rd June Brewster. SV reminded KC to alter meter in extension.


Booking Clerk’s Report  BW gave her report to committee noting the poor attendance at the recent driver’s course in the Hall.  SV informed her that letter from Somerset CC stated we now need to request a purchase order number before issuing an invoice. This to be arranged through the person making the booking.


Correspondence 1) SV had received Take Art form to complete re July 11th event, this date now confirmed.  Committee decided to have bar from 6.30 as supper due at 7pm, set up of show not suitable for long break in middle for food although will have short one for drinks.   2) booklet from Vista re training courses. 3) Scc letter see Booking Clerk above 4) Usual nil rating received by KC for business rates.  Also 5) Subs request from Community Council, fee gone up to £25. 


Maintenance  1) Car park now re-surfaced, job went well and has greatly improved both the amount of space available and the appearance of the car park, plus solved the mud problem. Thanks were given to those who came to help and to Daggs for donating the hire of the JCB. 2) Date booked for floor re-surfacing, Fri 24th April from 8.15, BW or SC to let them in, SV to ring contractor on Fri 17th to confirm all OK and let BW know.  SV had applied for Grassroots grant towards this but may not get know if successful in time.  However having checked bookings diary committee felt needed to stick to the booked date as hard to find another suitable one.  3) VB concerned about side fire door leading to sheds etc not working properly.  Daggs had since mended temporarily, will review later. 4) Parish Council had requested clock in new meeting room, committee thought this good idea, SV to purchase. 5) SV and Daggs had bought pieces of guttering to mend broken sections but will probably do work on maintenance morning of Sat 9th May.


Fund raising   1) Village quiz, very successful, 17 teams also see Treasurer’s report. 2) Take Art event, 11th July, obtained first choice of “Elvis Still My Heart”.  Make arrangements for food etc nearer time.  Will have to carefully check number can fit in before ticket sales start, this show to take place on floor of Hall with audience on 3 sides.  Likely to be well supported as advertised as part of Frome Festival. 3) MR suggested holding a fashion show which would feature clothes by M&S, Next, Gap etc.  Entry would be £10 to include a glass of wine and the company running it would not charge us a fee, however we would need to guarantee an attendance of at least 80 people.  If near the date we were short of this number we could cancel with no charge.  Decided to try for Mon Sept 28th (had to be a Mon or Tues)  4) Fete, no further news, various committee members confirmed will help.

AOB  None



Next meeting Wednesday 6th May at 8pm (Monday is the Bank Holiday)


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                       Treasurer

Date                                                                                                    Date