Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th July 2009


Present              G Baker, S Cambourne, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, S Vaughan,


Apologies/Absent       V Barnes, M Read, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report KC gave his report which covered 2 months. Underlying income over expenditure was good although some large one off payments had rather distorted the figures, we did not discuss any changes in hire rates re small meeting room. Annual fees had been paid to the Community Council and to the Small Lottery Fund. 2 draws were made one of which included the bonus prize, results as follow.  June draw, 1st Sarah Bates £16, 2nd Vicky Higgins £8,  3rd Marsha Read £4, July draw. Bonus prize Wendy and Des Worley £40 1st Peter Bates £16, 2nd June Brewster £8, 3rd Anne Wells £4. KC noted he would need to transfer some money from the current account to savings.


Booking Clerk’s Report BW was unable to attend but had sent her report with SC.  1) The issue of the main hall door being left unlocked was raised again.  SV had put a notice on the door explaining what to do if unable to open or close it and asking people to call her if still had problems but had received no calls. It appears to be the yoga group on a Wednesday who are having these problems but it was believed they have now finished for the summer. 2) An equipment hire on the 24/25 July needs 10 more teaspoons, SV to buy them.  SV also noted that she has still been unable to find suitable storage for cups to replace broken and mouldy boxes currently used, will continue to look.


Correspondence 1) SV had received the latest Charity News, Community Council Newsletter and an invitation to join the National Council for Voluntary Organisations but committee agreed not worth paying the £42 a year for this as already get good support from Community Council.


Maintenance  1) SV had e mailed Graham re cooker and problem with switching off seemed to have abated. 2) Farm glyphosate no longer available, SV to buy and treat re-growth in car park. 3) Person who owns piece of land adjacent to Hall car park had told GB had been intending writing to committee about repairing a section of wall between the properties, which he felt the Hall was responsible for.  Committee decided to wait for a letter and then contact Land Registry to check if wall is on our property before agreeing to pay for any repairs.  The same person also complained about cars deliberately skidding on the gravel but impossible to monitor this from a distance. If GB sees him again to ask him to either deal with it himself or let us have registration number of any car involved.


Fund raising   1) 11th July, “Elvis Still My Heart”.  Only 22 tickets sold, although Frome Festival confident there will be more by the Saturday. Final arrangements were made for staffing, SV to buy drinks, GB to buy main food, several committee members to provide salads, SV to sell raffle tickets and staff door, KC and RO to run bar. Set up at 5. Committee to provide raffle prizes. 2) A hitch with the Fashion evening, our application arrived too late to ensure the Sept date, agreed to try for Nov 30th.

AOB  1) VAT issue discussed. SV could not find any ref. on website re regular bookings being exempt, except for sporting facilities which presume is how Rec Field have benefited.  Due to the amount of vat we would therefore owe retrospectively from invoices issued and that which would have to be repaid to the Joint Grant Scheme, the financial benefit of registering would be fairly low, we were not relying on a rebate and once registered the extra cost for our hirers and the extra work for the treasurer did not seem worth while.  The committee agreed not to proceed with registration.


No meeting in August!  Next meeting Monday 7th September at 8pm


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                       Treasurer

Date                                                                                                    Date