Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


 DRAFT  Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th Sept 2009


Present               G Baker, K Cockroft, M Read, S Vaughan,


Apologies/Absent       V Barnes, S Cambourne, R Orpwood, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report KC gave his report, only items of special note being a small negative total of cash indicating a temporary loan from himself and the transfer of surplus funds from the current to the investment account.  The total balance of these still very healthy considering expenditure in previous year or so.  100 Club - 2 draws were made.  August draw, 1st Paul Burlison £16, 2nd Alf Smith £8, 3rd Derek Robinson £4, September draw. 1st Keith Cockroft £16, 2nd Ann Orpwood £8, 3rd Vera Carey £4.


Booking Clerk’s Report BW was unable to attend but had sent her report with SV.  The only non-regular booking for the month was Sunday 13th, the Leigh Harvest Supper and Auction, but good to see that all the regular ones were re-starting for the new term.  SV had bought more teaspoons as requested and also wooden storage boxes for the cups.  However still unable to find suitable replacements for the cardboard boxes for other china, either too big or too small, will continue to look.


Correspondence SV had received 1) Notice of Community Council’s AGM 2) Current programme from Take Art 3) Letter from Community Foundation signing off Grassroots grant following her sending report, copy of invoice and photo of hall floor 4) Password from Community Council to enable use of their website 5) Letter and application form from Mendip to enable us to scrap need for DPS, committee agreed to go ahead with this, cost is £23, SV to do 6) Notice of Mendip Community Support’s AGM and their annual report 7) Leaflet from Vista listing their training courses - none seemed applicable to us but SV to enquire about a beginners first aid course. KC had received 1) Leaflet from Gopak 2) Letter from Mendip re business rates - n/a to us 3) Letter from EDF re tariffs, to check if any action needed.


Maintenance  1) SV had re-weed killed car park but GB said brambles still growing so SV to treat these again. 2) GB had spoken to Morris Brook and asked him to put any request for mending wall adjacent to hall car park in writing, also obtained his phone number.  3) GB was concerned about the faded appearance of some of the posters etc on exterior Hall board.  SV to contact scouts (via Daniel Mears?) and WI to request new versions.  4) GB also raised issue of broken down end of under fives shed.  SV said had asked them to remove it some time ago but will speak to VB with request again. 5) SV reported Daggs had re-covered Hall shed roof and that shed needed re-proofing, hoped to do soon.


Fund raising   1) “Elvis Still My Heart” in July had been our most disappointing Take Art event to date, poorly supported and the very modern dance, did not appeal to a lot of the audience. However we did make a small profit and the food was much appreciated. 2) MR had not contacted the fashion show organisers yet but will do so, aiming for 30th November. Plan is still to charge £10 entry to include glass wine.  SV expressed concern at selling 80+ tickets but MR felt quality of clothing and bargains available would bring in enough people. MR to let SV have more names of retailers involved to put in advertising. Need to inform RO for posters etc once have date agreed with organisers.

AOB  AGM - SV had proposed first Mon in November as usual but MR unable to make this date and keen to attend. Now looking at first Mon (7th) in December, SV to check with rest of committee and confirm which date as soon as know which most can come to.


Next meeting Monday 5th October at 8pm


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                       Treasurer

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