Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


 DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd Nov 2009


Present               G Baker,V Barnes, S Cambourne, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       M Read


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


SV presented her Annual Report which was approved by the committee for presentation at the AGM


Treasurer’s Report The annual accounts were approved by the committee for presentation at the AGM. 100 Club - 1st Vicky Higgins £16, 2nd Monica Orledge £8, 3rd June Brewster £4.


Booking Clerk’s Report BW presented her list of November bookings to the committee. She also announced her decision to stand down from the booking clerk office from April although she intends to stay on the committee.


Correspondence SV had received 1) invoice and purchase orders from Somerset CC, 2) Review of Hall rates from Mendip to take account of new building area, however we are normally exempt from actually paying anything 3) e mail from John Phillips with an update on his treatment and thank you for our good wishes.  SV also noted she had now sent off the application to dispense with a DPS and updated SC on this, SV to send letter of thanks to Rod for acting as DPS to date.


Maintenance  1) SV reported on meeting with Mr Brook re boundary wall.  It appears neither parties have any mention of responsibility for maintenance of the wall in their deeds.  Mr Brook had suggested that a section at the Bellfield end of the wall had collapsed due to drainage work carried out by the Hall and SV had indicated that if this was the case the Hall would probably agree to pay for that part of the repair.  However on further inspection it is not clear any drainage work was the cause and SV agreed to contact Terry Hamblin, who checked the drains most recently, to ask if he did go on to Mr Brook’s property and/or if in his opinion any work done could have led to the collapse.  This still leaves the rest of the wall to consider.  SV had suggested to Mr Brook that the cost of any work done on this should definitely be shared but he had neither agreed nor disagreed.  SV had obtained a quote from builder Rob Moore for repairing the whole wall, which was a substantial sum. At this stage the committee was undecided as to whether we felt the work was necessary anyway.  Cars park quite a way in from the edge but should we decide it is a hazard we could just erect marker posts. Committee agreed SV should write to Mr Brook explaining we are looking into the drainage issue and that we are currently undecided about any part we take in the repair of the wall.  SV to mention have had quote for a large sum for repair of the whole wall and ask Mr Brook again if he would be willing to share cost of repair and if he would like to obtain quote himself, evidently his son may be able to do the work relatively cheaply. 2) VB gave SV new poster from toddler group, no response yet from WI or scouts.  3) GB mentioned broken concrete post at rear of building SV to investigate.


Fund raising   No contact from MR since September meeting so SV had cancelled fashion show.  SV to write to MR to check no misunderstanding and confirm we would be happy for her to continue on committee as Parish Council rep if both she and PC are in agreement. 

AOB  KC asked committee to look out for new garland type Christmas decorations. The ordinary meeting was then followed by the AGM 


Next meeting Monday 30th November at 8.00pm followed by putting up Christmas decorations.