Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 30th Nov 2009 (Dec meeting)


Present               G Baker, S Cambourne, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       V Barnes, M Read


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Election of officers SV, KC and BW all agreed to continue as chair/secretary, treasurer and booking clerk respectively with the proviso that BW finish her term in April and the committee voted in favour.


Treasurer’s Report KC pointed out good income from non regular bookings in previous month and also the interest received on the investment account.  There had been a £7.50 donation from Tina Johnson, SV to send thank you letter. Notification of the yoga payment had been received but not checked yet if now in our account. Issue raised by GB of the non cashed cheques issued for payment of magazine entry.  KC confirmed latest one had been cashed but thought some earlier ones, now cancelled, may not have been.  GB to raise issue with PCC. 100 Club - Special draw Ann Orpwood £80, Dec draw 1st KR and JM Davis £16, 2nd Paul Knowles £8, 3rd June Brewster £4.


Booking Clerk’s Report BW presented her report to the committee, noting a good level of bookings recently and for the coming month. SV requested she ask the school to limit the use of sellotape as far as practical when putting up the scenery for their play as it pulls the paint off the wall.


Correspondence SV had received 1) e mail from Sally Gubb, Mendip District Council grants, re meeting in the Hall in March, date to be arranged.  SV agreed to give them short talk requested explaining what did with grant and arrange coffee and biscuits.  2) e mail from Caroline Harris, Mendip Licensing, re our application to dispense with DPS.  They need more in writing to ensure alcohol served in line with regulations.  SV and BW to meet to organise this, BW to contact SV with date to discuss.  3) SV had sent letters to Terry Hamblin and Mr Brook re boundary wall.  No answer so far from TH, SV asked KC to ring him, repeating offer from SV to meet at hall to clarify area of contention if necessary.  SV to contact Mr Brook again once we have reply from TH.


Maintenance  1) Boundary wall situation ongoing see correspondence.  2) SV had put up toddler group poster in outside notice board, still nothing from WI or scouts. 3) SV told GB had looked at broken concrete post at rear of building, SV has asked Daggs to do when has time and weather ok.


Fund raising   1) KC mentioned a WI in the area had around 200 people at a similar fashion show to the one we had hoped to run, committee agreed to discuss possibility of new date with MR in January. 2) Expect to run quiz as usual in March, SV to contact Worleys in New Year but mentioned that for 2011 the 2009 winner, Kathy Simpson, may agree to run it to give Worleys a break.

GB requested use of some wine glasses and arranged day to collect. Committee then put up the Christmas decorations. 


Next meeting Monday 4th January at 8.00pm followed by taking down the Christmas decorations!