Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st Mar 2010


Present               G Baker, S Cambourne, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, M Read, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       V Barnes,


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report KC presented his report, noting large cheque received from LOMCAG, which included contribution to license fee as well as hire charges. Several members of the 100 club had passed away since last year meaning numbers now rather depleted.  Note still need to check if increase for Mrs Rabbitts been calculated and also if increase in electricity cost last quarter were due to higher rate or other cause. SV gave note of fridge running costs in units to KC who will check actual cost although BW pointed out that running it empty is lot more expensive than if full, any solution?


Booking Clerk’s Report March would be a busy month with 3 Sats booked for social events as well as usual regular bookings throughout the weeks. BW reminded SV of the Mendip DC meeting on Friday 19th and offered to help with coffees.  SV to check numbers with Sally Gubb and let BW know if needed. SV agreed OK to let theatre group have hall all day on 13th and will let them know.  As no volunteers so far, BW suggested a leaflet drop in the village re a replacement booking clerk, SV to arrange if necessary.


Correspondence SV had various items from the Community Council 1) Hallmark application form, 2) Funding info 3) Village halls advisory service publications list 4) Notice of exhibition of supplies, and 5) Newsletter including item on possible payment of PPL which would be in addition to our current bill for PRS.  In addition to CC items 1) Letter from National Council for Voluntary Organisations – free to join if income less than £10k p/a, SV will do application.  2) Info pack from Children’s Workforce Development Council aimed at groups working with children, SV will pass on to VB.


Maintenance  1) Still no new WI or Scouts posters but SV has taken down old faded ones. 2) Weather still held up replacement of concrete post, may be another couple of months before Daggs has time to do, committee agreed to wait. 3) GB reported water from kitchen heater still extremely hot in spite of temp. setting being lowered. SV to ask Daggs to replace thermostat.  5) SV had forgotten to get fridge thermometer but would do so that week.


Fund raising  1) Numbers for show on 13th March up to 23 but expect to get more.  Posters up in Leigh and sites in other villages and Frome, flyers gone into mag and several WI’s contacted.  RO and Daggs to do bar, SV to buy drinks and do some canapés, GB to buy crisps and nuts and provide shortbread.  Shelagh Haywood had offered to do some nibbles, committee agreed to offer payment for ingredients, this to be finalised at WI meeting on 8th. 2) Quiz on 27th March, 3 teams booked so far, 2 more suggested at meeting. RO to do poster, which SV will print off and put up at same time take down Let Them Eat Cake one on Sun 14th. RO and KC to do bar, SV to arrange drinks and man door and raffle, Daggs to assist with this. GB to get crisps and nuts. Committee asked to donate raffle prizes if possible.  3) Fashion show Tues 11th May - MR had received booking form and arranged to deliver to SV to complete. 4) Fete, “Vikings” booked, beer tent with launch of farm shop, history group stall.

AOB  1) SV not heard anything from Mendip Environmental re free energy survey of hall, BW gave her their contact details and SV will get in touch direct. 2) Replacement booking clerk see above.


Next meeting Monday 29th March at 8.00pm. NOTE THIS CHANGE DUE TO EASTER


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                       Treasurer

Date                                                                                                    Date