Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee

DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th May 2010


Present               G Baker,V Barnes, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, A Orpwood, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       S Cambourne, M Read, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report Only transactions of note recently were the total of £264 from yoga in two payments, the increased payment for cleaning to Mrs Rabbitts to bring her in line with the minimum wage and a donation of £5 from Jo Prandy.  SV passed on the first payment from Kerry Moore who is selling veg in car park on Tues afternoons and asked KC to present the report to the Parish Council coming village meeting as she would be away.  KC gave SV the float for the fashion show and £5 of 50p’s to pass on to Caroline for heating while the hall being used for the election.  The Hundred Club draw was as follows: 1st Alison and John Wright, 2nd Roy Haywood, 3rd Wendy and Des Worley.


Booking Clerk’s Report BW not present, to hand over computer files etc to RO and AO on Friday.  SV gave contact details for veg van booking to RO and asked him to contact her to arrange future payments. SV to contact BW for more detail on new pilates booking to put in parish mag and also mention in write up for village meeting.  


Correspondence 1) SV had info on Small Works Grant from Mendip with 16th July deadline for applications but no projects needing cash at the moment.  SV had e mailed fashion show models with last minute advice, will drop copy into MR for her to pass to her friend who is modelling.  2) KC had received the certificate from the Community Council for Somerset acknowledging our membership. 


Maintenance  1) Concrete post still o/s. 2) Thermostat – VB to check water temp again 3) Complaint from ALC re dirty cooker, SV had written to Rec Field Committee.  A suggestion was made by GB that it wasn’t reasonable to ask hirers to spend a long time cleaning oven at end of evening.  Committee to try and arrange for Mrs Rabbitts to come in and clean as an extra after any event using it if time before next ALC lunch.  4) No contact from Mendip Environmental’s John Tolson re estimate for insulation work in spite of SV e mailing a reminder.  Need some info on costs before deciding whether to take this further. 5) SV had forgotten about gutters. Committee agreed to have a clean up morning to include these on Sat 29th May from 10am, all welcome! 6) Weeds appearing again in car park, SV to do on calm day. 7) Thanks to GB and Clive for cutting back growth at edge of car park.


Fund raising  1) Plans for Fashion Show going well, 80 tickets sold, 5 models arranged and some raffle prizes in place – any chance of a bottle or chocs from committee? AO agreed to help on entry desk with SV from 6.50pm, other committee members to help from 4.30 to get chairs out and clear tables from meeting room. Many thanks to SC for agreeing to run the bar with assistance from Carol (Bell Inn) if required.  SV to see Travelling Trends in at 5.30 and arrange chairs once clothes rails in place, models to arrive at 6.30, bar 7, show 7.30 2) Fete GB reported all on track and gave out raffle tickets.3) Take Art. SV had been to presentation show previous week, committee decided would like to hold an event in the autumn and to try for a children’s show as first choice, SV suggested Folk duo which includes Eva Cassidy’s brother for 2nd choice and will choose one other as back up. 

AOB  VB did not think toddlers had left nappies in kitchen, (complaint from ALC)  but will speak to them about it.


Next meeting Mon 7th June at 8.00pm, but clear up morn May 29th 10am if available