Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th June 2010

Present               G Baker, K Cockroft, R Orpwood, A Orpwood, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       V Barnes , S Cambourne, M Read, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report SV thanked KC for giving her report to the Parish Council AGM. When giving his report KC announced a profit of nearly £500 from the fashion show which had worked very well.  He noted that the insurance charge had gone up, partly due to the increase in the area of the building and partly due to a general rise in rates. The electricity for the last period was also up over the previous year but this probably reflected the severe winter.  SV asked KC to contact the electricity company re the external meter box, which has been left open for some time.  The Hundred Club draw was as follows: 1st June Hooker, 2nd Margaret Loten, 3rd Patricia Simpson.


Booking Clerk’s Report This was the first report from new booking clerks Ann and Roger Orpwood.  SV asked if the new arrangement with the vegetable van was going OK and how they were managing in general.  AO and RO reported there were no problems so far. Only query was if the pilates should be charged at business rate, SV felt it should but the instructor had been quoted the standard rate so committee decided to leave it at that until the autumn term and review situation then. AO had been told that a surveyor had been to the hall in connection with quote for insulation but SV had received no contact about this.  SV will investigate getting a different firm to give a quote.  .  


Correspondence SV had received 1) the Community Council Newsletter 2) info on various CC courses; fire warden training, liability of trustees and minimizing risks. 3) Proposal form for Trustee of the Year Award (please contact SV if any committee member would like to take this up), 4) a funding supplement 5) an e mail from Mary Mears to announce an auction evening on 6th Nov asking all groups not to clash with their functions and 6) Advertising letter from insurance company, passed to KC to consider. KC had received latest leaflet from Go-Pak re table storage.


Maintenance  1) Concrete post replaced, many thanks to Daggs and Frank, RO to take away old sections left in car park. 2) Thermostat – SV found water temperature fine when using recently but still like to check with VB 3) Still no contact from Mendip Environmental’s John Tolson re estimate for insulation work, see Booking Clerks section. 4) Maintenance morning had been abandoned due to bad weather.  SV had later weed killed car park.  Gutters and general clean up still o/s, new date agreed for this of Thurs 24th June from 10am. 5) GB and Clive happy to keep bushes at edge of car park in check.


Fund raising  1) Fashion Show see Treasurer’s Report. 2) Fete GB and AO concerned about lack of visual advertising i.e. posters but will pass concern on to fete committee.  Choir likely to be in refreshment tent if weather bad.  3) Take Art event. After reading brochure more carefully SV had realised the children’s show needed a lot of space on the Hall floor plus ideally raked seating so reluctantly decided not to apply for it.  Had applied for second choice of James Hickman and Dan Cassidy – folk duo and we have been given Sat 4th of December, SV to complete forms when they come through. 

AOB  AO and RO concerned about the amount of hall keys in circulation, SV to check if the pub one still in pub, if yes and not much used could take it back.  


Next meeting Wed 7th July 8.00pm.  NOTE CHANGE OF USUAL DAY DUE TO WI OUTING


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                       Treasurer

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