Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th July 2010


Present               G Baker, S Cambourne, K Cockroft, A Orpwood, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       V Barnes, R Orpwood, M Read,


Minutes of previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report KC had little change to report although it was noted there is still a good amount in the accounts and the profit from the fair is still to be added.  KC intended to move more into the savings account if there were no big expenses due. The Hundred Club draw was as follows: 1st Rosine Houston, 2nd Gill Baker, 3rd Val Blunden.


Booking Clerk’s Report  AO presented the report to the committee.  The Pilates sessions have proved successful and it is hoped a suitable slot can be found for the evening ones once the short mat bowls resumes in September, Friday evening or Sat morning the only ones currently available.  However SV suggested checking with Graham Harris whether he still wants the monthly Wednesday evening booking for the gardening group as there was some doubt this would continue.  The computer group also runs on a Wed eve but in the small meeting room and it was felt this could run at the same time as the pilates in the main hall.  AO to speak to Graham about this.  AO also to check with Gill Harry how many tables needed for her booking on 17th July as KC would like to borrow some that day too. AO and KC to liase on this.  SV to do inventory with booking clerks on Thurs 26th Aug from 10am.


Correspondence Only items the Take Art forms re the music evening in December.


Maintenance  1) Thermostat – SV still like to check OK with VB, will e mail or ring her as not at meeting 2) e mail at last from Mendip Environmental’s John Tolson with estimate for cavity wall insulation (£680+vat) and a guide to cost of insulating roof, (£14 Msq) SV needs to measure to give estimate of total cost.  Committee agreed in principle to go ahead with this work, SV to ask John Tolson to get formal quote from his contacts and to source 2 more. 3) Re-arranged maintenance morning very successful, gutters cleaned out, weeds cleared from around toddlers shed, damaged area of paint on front of hall re-touched and various cleaning done. The outside notices are all in rather poor condition. SV to re-touch where possible but will at least need 2 new ones for children’s play area. SV to note wording and order. 4) SV noted some of skirting boards in main hall need re-painting, will try and do this by next meeting.


Fund raising  1) Committee decided not to do food at Take Art show, Hickman and Cassidy in Concert, on Sat 4th December, mainly to keep ticket price down to the recommended £7, under 18’s to be £5.  KC to let SV have insurance company info required on forms, SV to complete and return to Take Art. 2) Profit from fete likely to be similar to last year, around £400.

AOB  1) Keys! Sue’s check with pub. (this item not covered at July meeting) 2) GB was concerned about lack of use of table tennis tables in Hall, SV to mention in magazine, will also ask if anyone wants the large concrete planter near the Hall side door, committee agreed to dispense with this one, BW will also ask Parish Council if they want it.   GB and AO asked about keeping old paperwork.  SV confirmed all old minutes could be thrown away, copies kept in minutes file, which can be viewed when wanted. Booking clerk’s invoices can have useful information but a year’s worth should be sufficient. KC keeps copies of these too and for longer as they are financial records. 


Next meeting Monday 6th September 8.00pm.  NO MEETING IN AUGUST


Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                       Treasurer

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