Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT  Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th October 2010


Present               G Baker, K Cockroft, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       V Barnes, S Cambourne, M Read, B Wigmore


Minutes of    previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report KC had prepared the annual accounts, which will be sent to Graeme King to audit and presented to the committee in November. The 100 club draw was as follows. 1st Linda Burlison, 2nd Alf Smith, 3rd Brian Loten.


Booking Clerk’s Report  This included booking for a sale of garden furniture and a private bowls session.  SV reported we had not secured the dance booking which had gone to Chilcompton. SV to confirm number of cloths to AO and RO to enable them to complete inventory, which KC needs for insurance purposes, and SV requested be available if possible for AGM in November.


Correspondence 1) Purchase order from Somerset CC, passed to AO to await payment. All nos 2-10 from the Community Council for Somerset 2) Thatch 3) Thatch reader survey 4) Pat test interest form 5) Covering letter for 3 and 4 with info on staff at CC. 6) Supply Zone info, SV to investigate at CC AGM 7) Funding Supplement 8) CASE info sheet 9) CC newsletter 10) Invite to CC AGM 23rd Oct at Donyatt, SV to go, as no other committee member wishes to go will ask Daggs to accompany. 11) Permaframe poster.  Had agreed to put this on exterior notice board for small price reduction but due to poor service do not feel can do so.12) Take Art had sent posters, flyers and tickets for Dec event.


Maintenance  1) Cavity wall insulation done, Warm space coming back to paint over filler in drill holes on Thurs 14th, SV to oversee. SV to treat mould in cupboards etc with bleach. To do after Christmas when kitchen not being used. 2) Door lock finally done, key in Bell for Art and Short Mat Bowls etc. 3) Skirting re-paint left as getting chipped by short mat bowls anyway 4) Need to check if tree over hall lopped.  AO requested trees in car park pruned as too low for cars, SV to ask Daggs 5) Request from WI for sharp knives and cutting boards. Committee agreed to this. SV had found cheapest knife block in Millers £30.  Suggestion to look at magnetic strip system too. However some concern about leaving knives on display and committee preferred them to be inside cupboard. SV to purchase. 6) Also need 2 more bottle openers and SV had asked Caroline where got drinks measure, will chase.  7) Still need paper towel holder in kitchen. None in Jones, SV will try elsewhere.8) Disposal of flower tub, GB to chase BW who knows someone who wants it. 9) RO to change labels on drinks boxes so more accessible, committee also to consider replacing some boxes.


Fund raising  1) Event on 4th Dec, flyers to go in Nov mag, SV to put posters in village and area also in Nov, tickets now available, will request raffle prizes in parish mag. Set up chairs etc at 3pm that day, bring small mince pies, SV has crisps and nuts already, KC to donate box of lager, SV to arrange other drinks. Other jobs to arrange at next 2 meetings. Committee felt would prefer seating at tables if at all possible.  2) In connection with above SV had accessed “We Got Tickets” system suggested by Take Art who have several of our tickets to sell online. SV has link to contact and check on sales, not yet clear how it works.

AOB  1) Consider future replacement of plastic chairs which are very rusty and marked. Need to be weather proof to store in shed. KC to check GoPack leaflets SV and others to keep look out.


Next meeting Monday November 1st at 7.30 pm followed by AGM at 8pm.