Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st November 2010


Present         G Baker, V Barnes, K Cockroft, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, M Read, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  S Cambourne, B Wigmore


Minutes of    previous meeting agreed and signed after amendment to date.


Treasurer’s Report No further accounts since the annual ones, which had now been approved by Graeme King. The committee voted to accept these and they were signed by KC and SV in preparation for the AGM to follow. The 100 club draw was as follows. 1st KR & JM Davis, 2nd Sue Cambourne, 3rd Phillip Denny.


Booking Clerk’s Report  All the regular bookings continue plus a new over 60’s exercise group on Thurs morns 10-11.30 from 18th November. The committee were pleased to have the extra income and facility for the village but concerned the rather unattractive poster may put people off. SV asked that a copy of the inventory be made available to anyone requesting it.


Correspondence 1) Mori poll on National Survey of Charities and Social Enterprises had been received and completed by SV 2) Another invitation from CC of Somerset to renew our Hallmark 1. Still no wish to do so.


 Maintenance  1) Warm space had painted over drill holes made to do insulation. SV to treat mould in cupboards etc with bleach after Christmas when kitchen not being used. 2) New door lock, VB asked if ok to keep U 5’s key in Bell, SV agreed – VB to speak to Brian. 3) Tree overhanging hall had been lopped and low branches in car park cut back. 4) SV had bought some sharp knives and cutting boards as requested by WI but some concern from committee as to method of storage of knives. Currently in top kitchen drawer but SV to look at alternatives, draw lock or box to go inside cupboard as felt currently may be hazard to small children. 5) SV had found one bottle opener and bought a second plus drinks measure to be kept inside bar.  6) Paper towel holder in kitchen –SV waiting to speak to buyer at Jones, internet options very expensive due to postal costs. KC will also check catalogue. MR mentioned 2 stores who may have them and SV will check if necessary. 7) Disposal of flower tub, BW had contacted SV about this to say had just been suggestion on her part but SV has asked her to follow it up. 8) KC had purchased new boxes for the glasses and RO will put these into use including labelling. 9) Did not discuss future replacement, raised last month, of plastic chairs, which are very rusty and marked. Need to be weather proof to store in shed. KC to check GoPack leaflets SV and others to keep look out.


Fund raising  1) Flyers for 4th Dec event in magazine just been delivered. SV to put posters up about 3 weeks beforehand. To make final arrangements at next meeting. Some tickets sold at meeting.

AOB  None raised


Next meeting Monday November 29th at 8pm, followed by putting up the Christmas Decorations