Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee

DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 29th  November 2010


Present               G Baker, K Cockroft, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       V Barnes, S Cambourne, M Read


Minutes of    previous meeting agreed and signed.


Election of officers  Following the AGM earlier in the month all existing officers agreed to continue.


Treasurer’s Report This covered two months. KC to transfer more from current account to savings account although SV mentioned possible purchase of new water heater costing up to £500. KC to check with bank if payment from yoga due in Oct has been credited. 100 club the extra large Christmas draw was made as well as the usual monthly one, winners as follows. Christmas draw £76- Jules Hooker, Dec draw 1st £15.20 WI, 2nd £7.60 Tony Gould, 3rd £3.80 Peter Knowles.


Booking Clerk’s Report  A good amount of bookings for the month with the school play and various fund raising events as well as the regular bookings. AO enquired about the yoga payment see treasurer’s report above.


Correspondence KC had received a new brochure from Go-Pak.


 Maintenance   1) Paper towel holder in kitchen now bought and put up, Jones had ordered it in at a good price. 2) BW reported no further contact from anyone on disposal of flower tub. GB commented it did put people off from parking too near and blocking fire door so may be better to keep it or an alternative, will look at this again in spring. 3) SV thanked AO and RO for all the work they put in re-organising the glasses in the new boxes. 4) Committee still not fully discussed replacement of plastic chairs, to look at this at later date.5) SV raised issue of replacing water heater. This had rusted through at the front and also had a leak inside which had proved impossible to mend. It is also short of capacity for washing up after events. SV had some examples from the internet, RO also to look at this and liase with SV over purchase which committee agreed should go ahead. It needs to be a flat back boiler which can take mains fill and is suitable for several outlets (sinks in toilets as well as both in kitchen).


Fund raising  Arrangements of Sat 4th Dec Hickman & Cassidy in concert as follows. SV had ordered beer and will pick this and wine/soft drinks up. Already have crisps/nuts, GB suggested wait until after Fri’s Xmas fair to see if any mince pies left before we make our own. SV and Daggs to man door and raffle, KC and RO to run bar. SV reminded committee will need raffle prizes. Set up tables etc at 3pm. SV to let performers in at 5pm, they have requested accommodation, SV to provide but if extra needed AO/RO can help.

AOB  Child proof lock on drawer with knives had come undone, RO to see if can fix, AO had put knives in locked cupboard for now. We then proceeded to put up the Christmas Decorations.


Next meeting Monday January 3rd at 8pm, followed by taking down the Christmas Decorations!